3 questions – 3 expert`s answers

23.05.2017 11:39:34

Aesthetic surgery - breast enlargement - what is important to know to avoid the complications, how a natural look will be archived, the importance of a choice of the doctor.

These questions will be answered by our three experts.

How to avoid the complications (where upon you have to pay attention to avoid the complications).

Dr. Med. Robin Deb - the specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery in the Rosenpark clinic in Darmstadt.

There are two fundamental factors for me for a long-term surgery without complications:

On one hand, it is the use of high quality implants, on the other hand - careful preparation and implementation of the surgery. It is important for patients during implant selection not only to choose the implant, which suits in size and form, but also to pay attention to a suitable surface.

Due to this, for example, the risk of a capsular fibrosis with a special microtane coating can be reduced to a minimum. Also such complications, like rotation or displace of the implant in the body, can be avoided.

That's why it is particularly important to have one carefully performed surgery under perfect medical conditions. Already during the surgery, with a help of special techniques and instruments, the subsequent bleedings can be prevented. That ensures, beside a conscientious, scrupulous aftercare, a pain reduction directly after surgery and, according to my experience, also on the whole - lower complication rates.

Another important criteria in frames of the surgery, is the optimal preparation and a size of the so called „Implant pocket", in which the breast implant will be ultimately inserted. This is based on the selected, individual tissue and physical conditions of a patient. In addition to a regular after surgery care it is very important to avoid some possible complications.

How a natural look will be archived?

Julia Berkel, a specialist for plastic-esthetic and a reconstructive surgery in Frankfurt am Main.

Before a breast surgery it is difficult for a lot of women to imagine how such a round or so-called anatomical (drop-shaped) implant will look like in their own bodies. That's why it goes about visualization in advance by planning. In addition to ``before`` and ``after`` pictures, 3-D simulation and photos of wish-breasts, according to my appearance the external implant-sizer can bring the highest accuracy.

At this time a woman should wear a sports bra, in which the bowl-shaped test- models of different sizes are inserted. With a view in the mirror the patient is able to make an opinion, which implant fits better – a round one of 250 grams, or a drip-shaped one of 315 grams. The German manufacturer, whose products I use, has more than 1,500 breast implants options in the program.

The desire in terms shape and size could be also fulfilled in accordance with physical conditions of a patient (body size, breasts size and volume, rib anatomy etc.).

Thanks to this variety a patient can specify not only the minimum or maximum desired volume of her breasts, but also a form and filling. So we can make a choice between a round one and a drip-shaped form implant, with a flat, moderate, high or extra high filling.

During the consultation in advance while discussing the wishes, there will be not only the empathy and particular listening demanded , but there is also my duty as a good physician, to make it clear what is possible to do surgically. This also includes an honest answer if a wish cannot be realized due to the physical properties of a patient.

It is very important that the desired form of breasts will remain after the surgery for a long time. The aim to archive the long-term stable results is also a reason why I do trust the German manufactures: those implants have special foam coating, which in accordance with my experience, help explicitly to reduce the risk of a capsular fibrosis, which can follow to a breasts` deformation.

How important is it to choose the right doctor for a successful surgery?

Dr. Med. Martin Reifenrath the specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery Dortmund.

The choice for an experienced specialist is very important. At the very beginning, besides the individual consulting, the selection of the appropriate Implant plays a very important role. The quality of an implant is very important, as well as the possibility to find an individual solution in case of such a huge variety of forms, sizes and surfaces to avoid the possible complications.

Because of this reason I have been working for over 20 years exclusively with implants, which have been produced in Germany. But also one gut performed surgery as well as a perfect rehearsed OP team contributes to a long-term success.

The individual and gut planned after surgery care supports the healing process and makes sure the avoiding the possible complications. In any case a patient has to choose an experienced surgeon and to make sure, that after the first consulting she still has a good feeling. In case of any doubles I would recommend to get a second opinion. Because the important thing is, that the patient feels comfortable as well with her own decision with the treated specialist.

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