MD Markus Wrenger
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MD Markus Wrenger

Main Focus

    • Top expert in the sphere of cardiology and inlying medicine
    • Heart disease treatment
    • Treatment of coronary heart diseases


Vogelreichsweg 49
31812 Bad Pyrmont
Nearest airport: Hannover (70 km)

About MD Markus Wrenger

Association of German clinics «Grafliche Kliniken» has Department of Internal Medicine in Caspar Heinrich Rehabilitation Clinic in Bad Driburg. The difference of a rehabilitation center from conventional clinics, that also specializing in the treatment of internal organs diseases, is that it is not involved in treatment of acute conditions but helps to patients in a recovery period when the intensive care is not required any more. The Chief Medical Officer of the Department is Doctor Markus Wrenger.

Regenerative Medicine

In order to provide accurate diagnostics, the variety of medical tests and all the imaginable examinations are possible in well equipped laboratories of the Clinic. Based on diagnosis results the physicians of the Department of Internal Medicine suggest the treatment for the patients who have had myocardial infarction, as well as for many patients with angiologic problems, that is, vascular diseases including pulmonary embolism, aneurysm, thrombosis, varicose veins disease.

Another medical field adjacent to this area is hematology, which deals with the problems of the blood, disorders of the circulatory system, and diseases of the blood making organs, such as bone marrow or spleen.

In addition, the gastrointestinal disease, as well as liver and kidneys disorders are treated in the Department. Diabetes mellitus and metabolic disorders require particularly careful examination, and the highly experienced in treatment of metabolic disorders doctors find suitable decision for every particular patient.

For complicated cases, the physicians might use endoscopy as one is the most important modern methods of diagnosis, which also can become a medical procedure if necessary.

Endoscopy in Internal Medicine

Modern technological advances brought diagnostics to a new level. Now it is possible to conduct a survey of internal organs using an endoscope, a special tube, equipped with a miniature camera system, which is introduced into the abdominal cavity through a small incision. The image from the cameras is transmitted to the monitor, where the surgeon observes the state of the internal organs; the endoscope can penetrate into areas that conventional methods of examination could not reveal, it was only through open surgery that they could be reached. If necessary, you can immediately do the surgery using a tiny tool, which is also inserted through the incision, or draw a conclusion about the need for other measures.

When diagnostics in adjacent areas is needed, the patients always have the opportunity to apply to other clinics of the Association «Grafliche Kliniken»

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