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Read about how deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is treated. Two of the main treatments are anticoagulant medicines and wearing compression stockings. 2020-03-10 Vein Thrombosis Treatment
All you need to now about Vein Thrombosis Treatment

In 90% of cases this pathology is formed in deep vessels of lower leg. The formation of blood clots can be the result of disturbances of the blood flow or blood coagulability. 13 special substances and enzymes are responsible for the blood coagulation, each of them having an antagonistic anticoagulation substance. It insures healthy, normal blood clotting. Various pathological phenomena and disturbances can cause malfunction of the anticoagulation system:

Blood clots can also form as the result of violation of blood flow caused by vascular pathology of the lower limbs, injuries and operations:

The following categories of people are in the risk group:

Signs of deep vascular thrombosis of the lower limbs

In 80% of cases thrombosis is unnoticed, especially at the first stages of the disease development. However, if blood clots cause blockage of the veins, patients usually note the following symptoms:

Additional symptom in thrombophlebitis (inflammation of veins) can be the fever up to 39 degrees. In the absence of treatment the blood clot can eventually break free and cause thromboembolism: a life-threatening condition. It happens in 5-15% of cases.

Conservative therapy

Vein thrombosis treatment

The center of phlebology in Passau, in Germany, has a unique diagnostic base, which helps to identify different types of vein thrombosis and prescribe an appropriate treatment. Conservative treatment of veins is used, if an occlusive thrombus has been found. This is a minor form of vein thrombosis, when hardened blood clot accretes to the venous walls and covers the inner lumen completely. Treatment of the parietal vein thrombosis is also included in the list of conservative care. It is localized on the walls of the vessel and does not prevent the circulation, therefore, it is considered to be low-hazard.

Today, modern clinic of phlebology in Passau, Germany, provides a full range of conservative methods of treatment:

Surgical treatment. Varicosis and Thrombosis treatment

If conservative treatment has not helped, then surgical treatment of vein thrombosis is prescribed. Highly qualified phlebologists of Passau clinic in Germany follow a comprehensive approach for solving surgical problems. Thus, during the operation various methods that make up a successful combinational therapy can be used. The surgical base of the center of phlebology in Passau, Germany, includes the following innovative techniques:

The clinic of phlebology in Passau, Germany, offers universal therapeutic methods that cover a wide spectrum of diseases of the venous system. High-tech equipment and professional care of their patients allowed the center to form an exclusive and successful scheme of vein thrombosis treatment.

Treatment of deep vein diseases in Germany clinics

GermanMedicalGroup is an aggregator company that unites more than 150 clinics, hospitals and medical centers in Germany and other European countries. The wide choice of clinics allows GermanMedicalGroup to offer the fullest range of medical services.

The company offers patients suffering from deep vascular diseases of the lower limbs professional treatment in clinics specializing in phlebology and vascular surgery.

Pforzheim Phlebology Center

Pforzheim Phlebology Center has been working in the field of angiology for more than 20 years. During this time thousands of procedures and operations were carried out in the angiology center, including treatment of deep vessels of the lower limbs. The chief physician of the clinic, Dr. Thomas Weiler is one of the leading experts in the field of phlebology and vascular surgery in Germany. The center utilizes innovative trends in vascular treatment, including the Celon and VNUS systems, allowing to treat many vascular diseases in one visit. More Info...

Freiburg Venous Center

Freiburg Venous Center is a top-level phlebology clinic operating since 1981. The center was founded by Michael Hartman MD, phlebologist and plastic surgeon. The venous center is providing a full range of interventions for ambulatory and inpatient treatment of vascular diseases.

Capio Clinic

Capio Clinic was founded by Dr. Norbert Fringsom, who has been working in the field of phlebology and vascular surgery for 30 years. Dr. Frings is among the top 100 doctors in Germany and is the owner of the Rheinland-Pfalz medal for his contribution to the development of phlebology. Capio Clinic has an excellent reputation among clients: 85% of new patients come to the clinic on the advice of their relatives or friends. More Info...

GermanMedicalGroup organizes the treatment of deep veins of the lower limbs in Germany without intermediaries: you will not need to overpay for medical services. Thanks to close cooperation with Europe's leading institutions, we will organize your treatment quickly and without any bureaucratic maze. GermanMedicalGroup supports patients at all stages of treatment: we will help you with medical visa application, arrange transfer and provide with interpreter services.

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