PD MD J. Spatz
Barmherzige Brothers Hospital

PD MD J. Spatz

Main Focus

  • visceral surgery
  • abdominal surgery
  • surgical treatment of benign and malignant diseases of all abdominal organs
  • gastric banding
  • sleeve gastrectomy
  • gastric bypass


Romanstraße 93
80639 Munich
Nearest airport: Munich

The Department of General and Visceral Surgery carries out about 2000 interventions per year. The spectrum covers not only the entire surgery of the digestive tract and the abdominal organs, but also the surgical care of tissue fractures, removal of skin tumors and (partial) removal of the thyroid gland. As far as possible, all procedures are performed in minimally invasive technique (keyhole surgery). Furthermore, we carry out port facilities for planned nutritional or chemotherapy (Port). A list of our activities and treatments can be found in the navigation under "Our treatment offer".

Many operations can be performed in our outpatient surgery center. This has the advantage that you can go home in the afternoon on the day of the operation and spend the night in your own bed. Whether in your illness the possibility of an outpatient surgery, we clarify in detail with you in our consultation. For advance information, see Outpatient surgery.

However, should a hospital admission be necessary, our team has made it their task to make your stay as pleasant as possible. We discuss with you and your loved ones comprehensively every step of the treatment. After the surgery, we use modern therapy concepts to ensure a fast recovery. For this purpose, an individual treatment plan is prepared in close consultation with all employees involved in your treatment (nursing, physiotherapy, nutritional medicine, kitchen, etc.). In particular, the fast-track concept has been successfully established here.

We are there for you every day to discuss your questions with you and, of course, we will be at your disposal after your dismissal.


For selected patients, having exhausted all the possibilities of multimodal conservative weight reduction, surgery may be the only way to permanently control overweight and concomitant diseases. We have many years of experience with the world's most established surgical procedures gastric band, tubular stomach and gastric bypass, which are of course performed in the gentle technique of "keyhole surgery".

In order to ensure optimal care of the affected patients, the surgery works closely with the Center for Nutritional Medicine and Prevention (ZEP) of Internal Medicine I of our company. Through our interdisciplinary team of specialists, the decision for a surgical procedure as well as the selection of the surgical procedure is worked out individually for each patient and the lifelong aftercare and assistance after the operation is guaranteed.

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