MD G-A. Muller

MD G-A. Muller

Main Focus

  • Top expert in the sphere of cardiology and inlying medicine
  • Cardiac failure treatment
  • Treatment of coronary heart diseases
  • Heart valve disease treatment
  • Therapy with Defibrillator and cardiac pacemaker


Georg-Nave-Strasse 26
33014 Bad Driburg
Nearest airport: Hannover (120 km)

About MD G-A. Muller

Park Clinic in a town Bad Driburg, a member of the Association «Grafliche Kliniken», offers various services in cardiology rehabilitation, but not limited thereto. In addition, the hospital has Cardiac Surgery Department, which offers a full range of cardiac operations. First, experienced cardiologists conduct a full examination of the patient, and appoint treatment taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient’s disease. And if surgery is needed, it will be carried out with the highest skill.

Types of Heart Surgery

Today, surgeons are able to perform a wide variety of heart operations, starting with an open heart surgery to modern sparing operations, which significantly reduces the body damage during the surgery and shortens the rehabilitation period. Here are some types of operations performed in the Cardiac Surgery Department of Park Clinic:

  • aortonoronarnoe bypass surgery;
  • transfer and reconstruction of the heart valves;
  • correction of congenital heart disease;
  • coronary angioplasty;
  • transplantation of donor heart.

The method of operation is determined by individual performance. One of the most common types of heart surgery significantly reducing the risk of myocardial infarction is coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), it is when the affected area of ​​the artery is replaced by a shunt created from patient’s own donor material. Typically, a radial artery or femoral veins are used to bypass the aortic artery. Commonly, it is an open heart surgery, which lasts for 3-4 hours. If necessary, some additional treatment might be carried out, such as a reconstruction of the valves, ventricles correction and elimination of various heart diseases.

Coronary angioplasty is another method to improve blood supply to the heart and reduce the risk of rupture the aorta. This is minimally invasive surgery, in which the access is performed through a small incision, usually in the groin, from where a stent – small cylindrical structure that allows to maintain the vessel wall and takes the blood flow – are delivered to the aorta.

Another complex operation is a defibrillator implantation surgery. The most severe cases may require a heart transplant, and this operation is also possible in Park Clinic.


Department of Rehabilitation of the Clinic helps patients to recover after surgery. The average recovery period is 2-3 weeks. Attentive medical staff will do everything to support the patient. Not only the medical procedures, but also a special diet and exercise are prescribed for patients for quickest recovery.

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