Dominikus Hospital Berlin has new MRI

02.04.2019 14:30:00

The Dominikus Hospital Berlin, Kurhausstraße 30, has received a new device for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The new high-performance diagnostic MRI had to be installed with a crane.

Before the construction workers placed the device with a crane to the nearest centimeter, a 15-month planning and construction phase was necessary. The existing radiology department of the Dominikus Hospital received a two-storey extension for this purpose. A total of two million euros was invested for the MRI and the necessary building extension.

The new MRI enables extensive spine and joint diagnostics and expands the scope of examinations in primary diagnostics. Examinations of herniated discs, fractures or infections with modern MRI are significantly more sensitive compared to X-rays or computed tomography.

The new 1.5 Tesla MRI device allows almost all examinations of the head, body trunk and extremities. With a 70cm diameter, it offers significantly more space than standard MRI machines. "It's a so-called open MRI, which significantly reduces tightness. The MRI also reduces the noise level compared to previous generations of devices. Vascular images (angiographies) are now often possible without contrast medium, "explains Dr. med. Christian Nitzsche, chief physician of the radiology department.

For the patients, the examination will be much more pleasant. "We can now also offer a pleasant ambience in the examination room," continues Nitzsche. The new diagnostics is available to all inpatient hospital patients as well as to private patients, self-payers and patients who are insured by a professional association.

The Dominikus Hospital Berlin is an emergency hospital with 258 beds in the departments of internal medicine, general surgery, orthopedics and trauma surgery, geriatrics / day clinic, laboratory, radiology and anesthesia. It has a state-of-the-art rescue center. The hospital belongs to the association of the association Caritas-Krankenhilfe Berlin.

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