When the gums bleed, cause is often an inflammation

13.11.2018 15:19:10

When brushing your teeth or after a hearty bite into a roll of bread, it sometimes happens: the gums are bleeding. Not so bad? Not even close!

Bleeding gums is always a warning signal, says Prof. Henrik Dommisch, head of the Department of Periodontics and Synoptic Dentistry at the Berlin Charité. If you have not just been injured by a sharp food or similar, bleeding is usually the expression of bacterial inflammatory reactions in well-perfused gums. These in turn are usually caused by dental plaque - ultimately by lack of oral hygiene. But it can also be serious illness behind it. If it bleeds regularly or in several places, you should go to the dentist. He can remove stubborn dental plaque. A superficial gingivitis, the so-called gingivitis, or an inflammation of the periodontium, periodontitis, can be treated. Sometimes changes in the gums are also favored by drugs for which there may be alternatives.

Who wants to prevent that it even comes to bleeding gums, can also do a lot for it: twice daily tooth brushing, clean the interdental spaces - such as flossing - and go regularly to check on the dentist. This keeps teeth and gums clean and irregularities are ideally detected early and treated on time.

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