So much younger and more attractive is facelifting

08.11.2018 15:49:02

Anyone who has his face tightened usually wants to look younger and more dynamic. That actually seems to work.

The age can be masked by cosmetics only known, but not stop. For some, that seems to be enough, and they spare no expense or effort to look younger, fresher and more successful than they really are. Admittedly, jewelery, fashion and make-up can do a lot here, but at the latest when wrinkles develop and the facial skin sags, more effective measures are required; The most popular is the facelift.

Whether the face lift in currencies such as attractiveness and juvenility pays, has so far been hardly objectively investigated. However, if one believes in the results of a large, up-to-date survey, the money for the facelift is well spent: test persons estimate the surgeons around four years younger than before the procedure, and they also appear healthier, more attractive and more successful - at least if the procedure was optimal.

3.7 years younger with facelifting

For the study, ENT doctors were able to Lisa Ishii from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore has 483 people for an online assessment of people with facelifting. The viewers were recruited through university websites, online forums and social networks. Their age was 29 years on average, 80% were women.

All were shown randomly 13 pictures of women before or after the facelift. The individual observers were presented with no women twice, the participants saw a particular woman only before or just after the procedure and could not draw a before-after comparison. Also, they did not know which pictures were taken before and after the procedure. They were merely told that they also see pictures of facelifted women. The observers now had to estimate the age of the women, and they should indicate on a 100-point scale, how attractive, healthy and successful they held the people depicted.

Plastic surgeons had selected only those women who had the best possible procedure. Her face was photographed after the procedure against neutral background under exactly the same conditions and in the same position in the side profile as before the operation. This should avoid bias in the assessment.

In fact, there were significant differences in the verdict of the subjects. Those who saw photos of women before the procedure estimated their age to be 59.6 years on average, actually 58.4 years. They were surprisingly close to reality. According to the opinion of the observers, who received the respective after-photo, the women were estimated to have an average of 55.9 years and thus worked 3.7 years younger than on the before-pictures.

Operated people are healthier

The operators were also able to gain significantly in attractiveness: on the before pictures this was rated on average at 49 points, on the after pictures with 57 points - an increase of about 20% on an analogue scale from 0 to 100 points. The difference was similar in the question of how well the person appears: Before the intervention, the rating was 55, then 64 points. The success rating had increased slightly less - from 57 to 64 points.

If women and their respective scores were placed in the middle of 100 people, 50 of whom were better and 50 worse before the intervention in the assessments, they could theoretically improve in their age by 21 positions to the younger ones Attractiveness and health perception by 21 positions and improve the perception of success by 16 positions.

For the ENT surgeons around Ishii, such information is very helpful in educating clients about the effects of facial tautening on their surroundings. Some would have exaggerated expectations and would be disappointed if they did not look much younger or more attractive afterwards. After all, can be achieved by the facelift to a certain extent, the desired effect in the perception. Since attractive people have many advantages in social interaction, facelifting is certainly an option to improve their status somewhat.

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