Small interventions, great effect

12.11.2018 17:11:53

How to treat with minimally invasive procedures. The optical wheel of time can turn back, reveals the plastic surgeon Florian Ensat.

Often, wrinkles, pronounced drooping lips or narrow lips disturb personal well-being. Plastic surgery can help here, because especially in facial surgery, minor procedures can increase self-esteem considerably.

Priv-Doz. Dr. Ensat, with what wishes do patients come to you most often?

Breast surgeries are very often requested, as well as tightening surgeries. Eye surgeries such as eyelid surgery or minimally invasive methods for optical rejuvenation are also in demand.

Eyelid surgery or correction is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures. Why?

A skin excess in the upper eyelids can lead to a limitation of the visual field on the one hand, and on the other hand can also convey a tired or sad facial impression. But even on the lower eyelid, skin excess can lead to an aesthetically disturbing appearance. This can be remedied with outpatient surgery. The scars are almost invisible in the eyelid fold.

Are there any trends in the plastic field that you can recognize?

A trend of the present time is certainly to operate as minimally invasive as possible. That is, to minimize downtime and scars.

Minimally invasive, such as the thread lift?

Exactly. The thread lift is a gentle alternative without a scalpel for facelift. Here, in local anesthesia, special dissolvable threads are inserted under the skin into the underlying tissue via small punctures. This will tighten and lift the skin. The result is visible immediately after the procedure. Especially in combination with Botox and hyaluronic acid great results can be achieved without surgery.

Botox, Filler and Co. are also true beauty tools.

The use of these high-quality substances has been established in recent years to eliminate various signs of aging of the face and facial shaping.

How do the different substances work?

With Botox, short for botulinum toxin, perfect results can be achieved without much effort. Botox is especially popular for treating wrinkles and forehead wrinkles, crow's feet, Bunny Lines on the bridge of the nose and laterally, chin folds and neck wrinkles.

High-quality hyaluronic acid preparations can be used as a filler for volume increase in the face or for wrinkle treatment.

In the case of plasmalift - also known as vampire poison - the body's own regeneration is stimulated by the body's own plasma. The result is an improved skin appearance through renewed skin.

Plasma is not the only substance in the body that is used. Keyword "autologous fat"?

The treatment with autologous fat is a relatively new method of wrinkle treatment. An advantage is the lasting result.

What Does a Good Plastic Surgeon Look For When Treating Botox, Fillers and Plasma?

Especially in facial wrinkle treatment, natural results should be in the foreground to avoid mask-like changes with loss of facial expression and a "sprayed-on" appearance. Therefore, in addition to perfect injection technique, a sense of proportion and the preservation of naturalness is necessary.

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