Breast augmentation with implants

08.11.2018 08:40:47

A decisive quality factor in breast augmentation is, in addition to the surgical technique used, the choice of breast implants. After breast examinations, our selected breast surgeons work out a personalized concept of breast augmentation with an implant that best fits the needs and desires.

An important factor in the selection of silicone implants is the manufacturer. The implant manufacturer was to be on the market for decades, should offer a lifetime product warranty and should have a serious position in the implant market. These include implant companies such as Polytech, Eurosilicone, Mentor or Allergan.

In the past, the implants were fluid on the inside, these could leak, the materials were not so good so the need to perform a breast implant replacement after 10 years. Today, the breast prostheses are cohesive, so cut firm, so that no silicone can leak. These implants have a reinforced material structure and, above all, the implant shell is much more stable. therefore these implants can be left in the chest much longer.

In principle, a distinction is made between round and drop-shaped (anatomical) breast implants. These have a subdivision into different projections that can be used as needed. The projections are referred to as low profile, medium profile, high profile or extra high profile. The surface structure may be smooth-walled, macrotextured (coarsely roughened) or microtextured (finely roughened). Also, one differentiates between different degrees of hardness of the breast prostheses which are divided from soft to medium soft to hard.

In addition to the experience of breast surgeons over the years, the exact desire of the patient is crucial for the exact placement of the implant. As long as the breast implants are placed completely under 4 muscles, visibility of the implant margins and the implants themselves is significantly minimized. In summary, the consultation on breast augmentation should discuss in detail the exact choice of implants and the exact surgical technique.

Every breast surgeon uses a different implant manufacturer. The respective implant companies have a detailed information page on the Internet where all information about the respective breast prostheses can be obtained.

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