False Teeth

False Teeth

False teeth, or denture, are removable artificial teeth used to replace missing teeth. They had been without a rival for many years before mushroom growth of implants technologies recently. Although implants undoubtedly better in terms of aesthetic and comfort, the false teeth remain viable option because of its low cost and ease of use.

Another reason to use dentures is if your gums are weak and not suitable enough for fool mouth implantation. In this case, removable false teeth is a reasonable solution, they allow keeping your gums healthy and could be easily removed in case of discomfort. The false teeth also support your cheek muscles and give your face a natural look. You have a choice to use complete denture, one (upper or low) jaw denture or partial denture. German clinics offer a choice of affordable false teeth, so you need only to apply for detailed consultation in English.

Usefull Information About False Teeth

Normally, dentures are associated with full replacement of the missing teeth in a whole jaw. But also it is possible to replace one or more tooth with a partial denture, which is quite budgeting alternative to implants. Removable partial dentures (RPD) are normally attached to the neighboring healthy teeth with clasps. Using of modern materials and appropriate design provide exact fitting of the false tooth so it will not sit unstable. Sometimes, when you need to replace a last tooth in a row (or a few of them) not having a support, a combination of implant and RPD could be advisable. We suggest you a number of dental centers in Germany providing the both services at highly competitive price if compare to overseas prices.

The quality of false teeth has been improved significantly through the years of development. There are a few types of removable false teeth:

  • Complete denture for replacement of the all missing teeth, that could be divided in turn:
    • Maxillary (upper jaw) arch
    • Mandibular (low jaw) arch
  • Partial denture

Also dentures could be:

  • Conventional: they normally placed in about 12 weeks after full teeth removal
  • Immediate: that installed immediately after teeth removal. Sometimes, it could be a temporary option.

There also some other types of dentures as:

  • Overdentures. In this case, the dentures attached to the remaining teeth to secure them from moving. That could be:
    • Telescopic denture
    • Bar joint denture
  • Flexible dentures. Their outer layer is made of flexible resin and shows a good comfort and cosmetic result. Normally, it is used for partial dentures.
  • Cosmetic dentures. It is a high-end false teeth giving better fitting and aesthetic result. A patient could choose a color of gums and teeth. The dentures has natural look and even could improve some facial defects.
  • Implant dentures. Artificial jaws are securely fixed to the titanium implants. It s very reliable but quite costly option.

You should not feel lost among the variety of artificial teeth. To find the best solution in every individual case you may need professional support. Please apply for you appointment with a doctor online. GMG suggests a number of clinics with the best service and affordable price range.

In terms of prices the dentures could be divided as following:

  • High-end dentures. Normally, they are made of the high quality materials and producing them involves a whole lot of artistry work that, finally, your dentures meet the top aesthetic criteria. They are produced from composite acrylic resin intended to last long, and have a long warranty.
  • Mid range dentures. They are normally made of the same material but not so elaborated cosmetically and have lesser warranty.
  • Low-cost dentures. Normally, they are used as a temporary solution as they provide significantly lesser comfort and longevity.

Here you could find estimation on comparative pricing in Germany and oversea.

Price* segment USA (calculated in EUR) UK (calculated in EUR) Germany , EUR
Implant supported (depends on number of implants), per denture 5000-45000 € 4600-41000 € 3500- 31500 €
High-end dentures, per arch 1800-7200 € 1450-6500 € from 1300 €
Mid range dentures, per arch 900-1800 € 900-1400 € from 800 €
Low-cost dentures, per arch 550-900 € from 760 € from 400 €
Partial dentures, per piece 600-1600 € from 490 € from 400 €

*All the prices are based on a few estimations from different site and could not be an offer. Please enquire to clinics for precise pricing

Berlin Munich Frankfurt am Main
New York from 489 € return flight from 489 € return flight from 521 € return flight
London from 45 € return flight from 71 € return flight from 125 € return flight
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