Prof. MD M. Schneider
Asklepios Hospital

Prof. MD M. Schneider

Main Focus

    • Prenatal screening
    • Comprehensive range of interventional therapy options
    • Diagnosis and treatment of cardiac irregularity


Arnold-Janssen-Straße 29
53757 St. Augustin
Nearest airport: Cologne / Bonn

About Prof. MD M. Schneider

Professor Martin Schneider: Medical advancements that save little ones’ lives

The German Paediatric Heart Centre (DKHZ) in St. Augustin in Bonn is one of the largest centres in Germany for the treatment of congenital heart defects in patients of all ages – from foetuses to fully grown adults.

We treat the very smallest of patients from the 20th week of gestation, i.e. before they are born, right through to adulthood. Our experienced paediatric cardiology specialists offer the full spectrum of diagnostic techniques, including heart ultrasound, ECG, pacemaker monitoring and programming, cardiac MRI and diagnostic and invasive procedures in the heart catheter laboratory. The latest and very best diagnostic techniques and highly experienced paediatric cardiologists are essential if complex, high-risk illnesses are to be identified successfully – for the entire team of paediatric cardiologists, paediatric anaesthetists, paediatric nurses, psychologists and other specialists, this is a daily challenge that brings them the greatest success of all – cured patients who can look forward to a very good, i.e. completely normal quality of life, and their overjoyed parents.

The better the diagnosis, the better the treatment, the better the outcome. Cardiological diagnosis has improved dramatically in recent years, speeding up the identification of complex illnesses and paving the way for interventional therapeutic treatment, i.e. treatment that does not involve surgery. Not only does this avoid open heart surgery, which always entails a degree of risk, but it also greatly reduces the duration of the treatment and therefore the amount of time the patient has to stay in hospital. Particularly from a psychological perspective, this is hugely significant to children and their parents.

Expertise and dedication

Our paediatric cardiologists offer you end-to-end treatment:

  • Prenatal screening
  • Pacemaker and defibrillator therapy
  • All the latest diagnostic techniques in the field of paediatric cardiology
  • Special performance diagnostics to test suitability for sport / diving
  • Comprehensive range of interventional therapy options
  • Cameras that are attached to heart catheters enabling us to look inside the arteries
  • Pre- and post-operative (long-term) care
  • Diagnosis and treatment of cardiac irregularity
  • Second opinions on surgical or interventional treatments

In interventional treatments, cardiologists insert miniscule catheters, cameras, balloons or occluders into arteries such as in those in the groin. These instruments are then threaded into the heart and positioned so that defects can be repaired, enabling the previously very sick heart to be completely healed and to function as normal. The positive outcomes achieved by the paediatric cardiologists at the German Paediatric Heart Centre in St. Augustin are outstanding and are held in high regard by colleagues in Germany and abroad. The number of healed patients and the feedback received by the children and their parents is proof positive of the expertise and dedication shown by our team. Paediatric cardiology, in particular, is a field that requires experienced and dedicated specialists to carry out the precision work.

Paediatric cardiologist and specialist of international renown

Professor Martin B. E. Schneider has been Senior Consultant of the Department for Paediatric Cardiology since 2003. As well as teaching at a number of different universities, he is a sought-after speaker on the world stage. He is a member of German and international medical associations and works as a peer reviewer both at home and abroad. Professor Schneider and his team work on an interdisciplinary basis and with other centres of excellence (e.g. the West German Heart Centre at Essen University Hospital) in order to achieve the best possible chance of recovery both for our younger and our older patients. As you would expect, the German Paediatric Heart Centre in St. Augustin meets high quality standards. Our results are analysed and validated by organisations such as the European Health Database and consistently rank among the best in Europe.

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