MD E. Eypash
Heilig Geist Hospital

MD E. Eypash

Main Focus

    • General surgery
    • Abdominal surgery


Graseggerstraße 105
50737 Cologne
Nearest airport: Cologne / Bonn


  • MD E. Eypash
  • MD E. Eypash
  • MD E. Eypash

The Hospital of the Holy Spirit in Cologne was established in 1964, and now is one of the biggest multidisciplinary hospitals in Germany that has a great reputation outside its borders. The hospital helps people from all over the world both on stationary (12.000 clients annually) and outpatient (28.000 clients annually) basis providing more than 300 beds. The hospital specializes on general and visceral surgery, urology and oncology, neurology, emergency help, radiology, cardiology, etc. It’s equipped with state-of-art devices including Da Vinci robot for minimally invasive operations. The team includes doctors speaking foreign languages, which eases communication and understanding.

Welcome to the Department of General and abdominal surgery

Our hospital provides a wide range of medical services in the sphere of abdominal surgery. It means we can cure all surgical diseases with different invasive methods. We focus on treatment of benign and cancerous tumors (adipose tissues, connective tissues, nerve tissues and blood vessels).

We keep enlarging the spectrum of services in abdominal surgery. We have rich experiences of performing operations in the organs of abdominal cavity, surgical treatment of stomach cancer and intestinal tumors and pancreatic gland, as well as treatment of hernias in abdomen and pelvis. Besides, we pay particular attention to surgical treatment of liver and removal of metastases.

Laparoscopy (minimally invasive surgery) is spare for the patient, and is considered to be very important for general and abdominal surgery. We use minimally invasive surgical methods in abdominal surgery, especially when removing the gall sac and performing other operations in the intestine. We find development of this method challenging, but keep improving it to perform surgeries on the stomach and esophagus and remove pelvis hernias.

Our services:

  • Surgery of soft tissues in body and limbs.
  • Operations on thyroid body and epithelial body.
  • Functional disorders, struma, tumors of thyroid body.
  • Hernia surgery (surgery on hernias with outwandering of the intestine).
  • Surgery on hernias of the abdominal wall and the groin.
  • Surgery of stomach.
  • Treatment of benign and cancerous tumors.
  • Emergency treatment of bleeding and perforation.
  • Surgery on intestine and large bowel.

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