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How Long Does the Effect of a Sling Operation Last?

11.12.2018 08:49:48

As part of a study researchers have traced what happened to the urological tapes over a long period of time in 95,000 women who underwent surgical treatment for stress urinary incontinence.

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Startup Purenum Has Developed Adhesive to Remove Kidney Stones

11.12.2018 08:41:49

1.2 million Germans develop urolithiasis every year. It is necessary to perform 200,000 surgeries on...

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Prostate cancer. Complete removal, partial removal or medical supervision?

11.12.2018 08:34:26

Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer. 30% of all men with cancer have it. Experts suppo...

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Da Vinci Robotic Surgical System Preserves Male Sexual Performance

07.12.2018 14:44:54

At the Salzkammergut-Klinikum Vöcklabruck Hospital Michael Dunzinger, Head of Department of Urology...

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Life After Bladder Surgery

07.12.2018 14:39:05

There are organs that people think about only when the organ itself reminds of itself. One of these ...

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Prostate cancer awareness day

23.11.2018 14:53:45

In young people it is the size of a chestnut, in elderly gentlemen ‒ the size of a peach. The pros...

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Myths about prostate

23.11.2018 14:47:09

When it comes to the prostate, men often understand little. In addition, there are many misconceptio...

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Simple steps with an enlarged prostate

23.11.2018 14:39:18

“No matter how much you shake, the last drop is always in the pants!” The old inscription in the...

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Erectile dysfunction. Patients benefit from early recovery

23.11.2018 14:34:48

After nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy, early recovery contributes to the successful treatment of...

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Reappraisal of PSA tests. Urologists advocate determining baseline PSA levels with patients

23.11.2018 14:21:31

The reappraisal of PSA tests that was the result of the PLCO 2016 study opened a new chapter in its ...

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