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Doctors at the University Hospital Bonn Treat Tremor by Using High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound

07.02.2019 08:10:42

Not long ago it was impossible for Dieter C. and Klaus Y. to sign by hand, as their hands shook very much because of difficult-to-treat essential tremor. They found help at the University Hospital Bonn.

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Argentine Tango ‒ Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease

05.02.2019 09:43:22

Many people in Drensteinfurt have heard of Thomas Bonnekoh. However, not everyone knows that this r...

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Neurostimulator for Parkinson’s Disease in a Special Clinical Centre in Kassel

28.01.2019 10:49:49

Throughout Hesse, this clinic is the only one with such a specialization. The Paracelsus-Elena-Klini...

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Running is a Great Cure for Parkinson's Disease

08.01.2019 13:01:03

Running or walking in a group is an excellent medicine that activates not only the body, but also th...

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Stomach Surgery Reduces the Risk of Developing Parkinson's Disease

09.01.2019 12:50:18

A new study confirms the hypothesis that Parkinson's disease occurs in the stomach and spreads along...

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