Crisp butt without training - What brings the buttock surgery?

07.11.2018 15:57:56

In some countries, buttock surgery is part of everyday beauty surgery. Meanwhile, they are also offered by German doctors. However, such interventions involve risks. And there are more sustainable ways to get a good butt.

In Brazil, they have long been everyday life: corrections to the popo. The buttocks are now more in focus than the chest, explains Torsten Kantelhardt, a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery and president of the German Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (DGÄPC). Also in Germany, many clinics and private practices offer butt enlargements. However, the supposedly fast solution does not exist without risks. And she has her price.

Filling with autologous fat

A common surgical method for getting the hindquarters in shape is the filling with autologous fat, explains Markus Klöppel, a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery from Munich. For this, the doctor first takes fat from, for example, the thighs outside. This is dissected into microscopic cell aggregates and then injected into the buttocks.

A small matter is not this intervention. The patient spends several hours on the operating table under general anesthesia.

Possible side effects can be among others

Pain occurs especially where the fat was taken. Such a complicated treatment also has its price.

Klöppel According to the autologous fat treatment is offered depending on the effort from 3500 euros.

Polifiting with threads

Generally a bit cheaper is a tightening of the buttocks with the so-called thread lift. The doctor slides thin threads under the skin and anchors them there, explains Hans-Peter Schoppelrey, who offers this method in the Skin and Laser Center in Munich. "These form a sort of lattice framework and thus ensure a streamlining," he explains. According to Schoppelrey, the material that makes up the sutures is absorbed by the body and stimulates the production of new connective tissue. The thread pulling is therefore not necessary. The tightening effect lasts for one to three years.

The thread lift is not suitable for everyone. It depends on the skin thickness and texture. The corresponding assessment is made by the doctor.

Choosing the right doctor is important

In order to minimize the risks, who wants to undergo such a procedure, the doctor should choose carefully. The title "Cosmetic Surgeon" is not protected. A specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery or a specialist in plastic surgery, on the other hand, must have completed a six-year additional training and taken a specialist exam.

Sport instead of surgery - hardly any costs, no side effects

In order to get your own downside in shape, you do not have to go into the hands of a doctor. Sport not only makes the buttocks significantly cheaper, but also without unpleasant side effects.

Good for the butt is a strengthening workout, says Valerie Börnström of the fitness chain Mrs. Sporty. However, it is not advisable to only train the butt. The middle of the body forms a unit. It is therefore more suitable to do a comprehensive strength training or a combination of equipment training with yoga, which particularly strengthens the deep muscles.

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