The revolution in ophthalmology

12.05.2017 17:23:03

The revolution in ophthalmology

Scientists from the Japan University, headed by Dr. Yasutaka Hayashida, created from the stem cells of the human body special wheels of different types of eye tissue and improved lost vision of rabbits.

Dr. Nishida has long cultivated the above discs in different flasks to spend with manipulations and experiments. Then a thin layer of the corneal epithelium was transplanted to the rabbits. As scientists say, the tissue grown in a similar way to help in the future to avoid rejection of their immune system, but such method and technologies are very expensive and require more scientific and medical research.

In magazine Nature a similar study was published: the scientists were able to learn how to revive the dormant cells of the body affected with cataract, which returned the health of the eye lens. This method is relatively cheap, because it is an improvement old surgical technique.

Ophthalmologists from America and China held together a complicated operation. They made a hole in the lens, but they didn’t implant a new lens, and allow the epithelium to grow its own. This method allows reducing the rate of complications from 15% to 92%. A distinctive point of this technique is that the lens doesn’t become cloudy with time as artificial.

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