Klinikum Bielefeld: First hospital in North Rhine-Westphalia with robotic surgery system for knee joint replacement

07.11.2018 15:10:30

The Bielefeld Clinic introduces the robotic arm-assisted surgical technology Mako®, thereby assuming a pioneering role in surgical innovation and patient care. Klinikum Bielefeld is the first hospital in North Rhine-Westphalia with such a robotic surgery system for knee joint replacement. "We are investing about 1.5 million euros in this technology of the future, thus strengthening our clinic for orthopedics!" Says Managing Director Michael Ackermann about the new surgical system.

The orthopedic procedures and especially the knee arthroplasty continue to evolve. This change is constantly leading to improved surgical approaches and technologies.

"Endoprosthetics is a special focus of the Orthopedic Clinic in Bielefeld Hospital. We provide our patients with the latest scientific findings. That is why we were one of the first clinics in Germany to introduce the robotic arm-assisted operating technology Mako®, which supports surgeons in knee and hip replacement surgery. Since October we are operating with the new technology and we are very satisfied ", says Prof. Dr. med. med. Ludger Bernd, chief physician of the clinic for orthopedics.

What is Mako®?

Since 2007, Mako® has been one of the world's leading robot arm systems for the high-precision implantation of hip and knee prostheses. More than 500 clinics worldwide are already using this system and more than 150,000 joint replacement surgeries have been performed with Mako®.

Does the robotic arm operate?

No. Mako® is a very precise instrument that supports, improves and refines the complex work of the surgeon. However, the surgeon performs the procedure himself. The Mako® robot arm is controlled and operated by the surgeon.

How does Mako® support the surgeon?

Each Mako® operation is personalized and tailored to the patient. Using computerized tomography (CT) before the operation, Mako® creates a 3D model of the patient's joint so that the surgeon can analyze the anatomy and create a tailored surgical plan before surgery. At the beginning of the operation, the natural ligament tension of the joint is measured and included in the detailed planning of the prosthesis position. Thereafter, the operation is carried out so that the bands are perfectly stretched over the entire movement sequence. Clinical trials and independent prosthetic registry data show better functional outcomes and lower revision rates for these patients.

What speaks for Mako®?

The advantages for patients are:

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