Preparing for joint replacement surgery

29.04.2017 16:05:51

Preparing for joint replacement surgery

The newest method of Dr. Vinod Dasa lets easy pain. He can freeze the nerves to avoid nerve damage or surgery.

Surgeons treated 100 patients for knee replacement. 50 people from the group have been prepared for surgery only with standard methods of anesthesia, the other half got additional procedure of freezing the nerve endings. Both groups were similar in age and gender, body weight and other factors. For an objective assessment of freezing method were used the special metrics.


Patients whose surgery were after a special method of freezing the nerve endings, had a shorter term of the recovery after the surgery, to maintain a normal state of health they needed fewer opioids, eliminating pain in post-operative period.

A factor reducing the amount of time you spent in hospitals, should lead to a significant reduction in the costs of hospitals and it’s also better for patients.

It was found that only 6% of patients who had the freezing of nerve endings remained at the clinic after 2 weeks of recovery. In the control group, the figure was about 67%. So 50% of patients in the group who had freezing, already discharged from the clinic on the day of the operation, in the second group the figure was only 14%.

There are some 600 000 operations for knee replacement every year in the world, and this number may increase significantly in the near future. Practice shows that this operation performed on average very successfully, but patients often experience severe pain during the rehabilitation period, which reduces the effect of the rehabilitation process and the restoration of the joint as a whole.

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