Medicine of sleeping. Battling insomnia

03.03.2016 14:37:04

Medicine of sleeping. Battling insomnia

Disorders of the nervous system and physical ailments can make it difficult or impossible to sleep. If you are having problems with sleeping, you should to talk to your doctor.

But there are some simple ways to avoid insomnia:

  1. Keep a regular sleep-wake cycle. Your body will learn a new certain rhythm, and feel better in it.
  2. Clearly separate work and leisure. This method led your organism recognize when it is necessary to activate its potential and when to relax.
  3. Do something. If you have a lot of free time, find a hobby like shopping or cleaning.
  4. Do sport exercises. An active lifestyle helps get rid of stress and neuroses. In any case, after the exercise your body will need a good rest - it will help you sleep well.
  5. Give up bad habits, at least before bedtime. German doctors advise to avoid drinking coffee, tea, energy and alcohol before preparing for bed. Alcohol, of course, help you sleep, but it is unlikely to give you a good sleep and a good rest.
  6. A warm bath will calm the nervous system and relaxes the muscles. Take a bath for 4 hours before bedtime.
  7. Before the sleeping you can take only mild sedative. It helps to stay calm and to relax. * Any medication should be taken only after consulting with your doctor.

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