Household care can help overcome stress

21.03.2016 16:19:07

To calm down and get away from everyday work, many of us go to the gym in the evening, someone is lying in front of TV, and others prefer a glass of wine or go shopping. But it’s unlikely to think, that a dishwashing is a good method by dealing with stress.

A dishwashing improves your mood and helps relax!

It was found out that concentrated dishwashing with pleasure from the smell of soap, the sensations of warm water and dishwashing have good effects on the mood and reducing of stress.

More than 50 students were attracted for an experiment from the school, in which Adam worked. The participants were divided into 2 groups, the first group had to read some article about washing the dishes, and the second group was supposed to do it during the washing. The point was that some were simply aware about the washing process, while others are focused to carry out their immediate task - rubbing plates clean. Group of people who read the article, was called the control group.

After the ending of experiment, Adam and other researchers decided to analyze the emotional condition of the students. It was found that participants, who were engaged by dishwashing, were in a great mood, and with a very positive thinking. To be more concrete, the warm water, the delicious smell of soap and meditative movements have reduced the percentage of nervousness in three times, but the level of inspiration increased by a quarter, if we compare these figures with the figures in the control group.

Adam Henley and his team believe this study proves that such household routine can improve mood, calm your nerves and get away from the bad news.

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