Germany - the most popular country among Russian tourists

04.02.2016 10:05:28

Germany - the most popular country among Russian tourists

In 2015, Germany pulled out a palm to Israel by the number medical tourism from Russia.

Russian organization of medical tourism in its press release announced that about 30,000 Russians visited Germany for the purpose of medical care in 2015, thus taking the top spot in the top of the most popular countries attractive for our compatriots. The most popular among them became hospital with cancer and it is not surprising, after all German clinics are famous all over the world with the most modern and progressive approach to the treatment of cancer, which is on a par with those considered to be the most effective and more. Second place in the ranking took the gynecology service which often seek diagnosis and treatment of diseases, as well as advice on complicated by pregnancy and childbirth. Third place was taken by clinics specializing in cardiovascular surgery.

In view of increasing the flow of medical tourists from Russia, Germany, the clinic began to increasingly complement its state institutions Russian-speaking specialists.

And Israel in 2015, dropped to second place in the ranking took into their clinic 26 000 people in need of treatment.

In 2014, this figure looked much more impressive and was just over 40,000.

Top 5 most popular countries among the medical tourists for 2015

Germany - 30 000 people
Israel - 26 000
Finland - 20 000 people
Czech Republic - 10 000 people
China - 7 000 people

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