Factors that affect your eyesight

03.03.2016 14:05:15

We have found 10 factors leading to vision problem

1. Pay attention to your schedule and warm up

The eye muscle changes the shape of the crystalline lens, which lets to see clearly at all acceptable distances. When you look at the monitor or a book. Working at a computer requires that the eyes continuously focus and it takes a lot of effort from eye muscles that can cause myopia. The German ophthalmologists advice to give your eyes a break and make exercises every 45 minutes looking away from the screen.

2. Are your eyeglasses right for you?

Make sure that you have correct eyeglasses. By wearing weaker glasses than you really need might slow down the elongation of the eyeball over time and thus slow down the progression of myopia. Doctors don't recommend t o buy ready-made glasses, because they may not fit you in many ways: diopter, interpupillary distance, etc. Wearing glasses with the wrong prescription will hurt your eyes.

3. Don't read in the dark

Factors that affect your eyesight

Don't read in the dark or in a dark room, it would damage your eyesight. Avoid reading in low light prevent vision deterioration and maintain good vision for a long time.

4. Keep distance

Ideal focus distances for reading and writing average 40 cm from the eyes. If you work at a computer, then the distance from the monitor to your eyes should be about 70 cm. Follow these rules and you avoid problems with eyes.

5. Dry eye syndrome

Staying focused while at work we often forget to blink and stare on a screen. It can increase your tears evaporate and give risk for dry eye problems. Try to blink more frequently to avoid dry eye symptoms or use eye drops.

6. Don't read at the transport

While reading at the public transport, the book is constantly shaking, causing permanent eye damage.

7. The right focus angle

By the right position in front of the computer your head should be positioned 20 centimeters above the monitor and tilted slightly downward, so that your eyes can focus easily.

8. Check the quality of your optics.

If your glasses lens material have poor, it may lead to an additional strain on the eye muscles and cause irritation and spasm of blood vessels, and then vision problem. By buying glasses don't try to save money, because “a cheapskate pays twice”.

9. Beware of powerful UV rays

German Ophthalmologists advise to avoid the spectrum of ultraviolet rays, which have a negative impact on the eye health. Don't use poor quality glasses. The eye, being in the dark, expands and passes an even more rays that break the cornea, lens and retina. It causes the development of farsightedness or blurred vision.

10. Consult with ENT specialist

Poor immune system, inflammation and colds, can cause myopia and conjunctivitis. Sore throat, inflammation of the middle ear, other purulent infections – these are primary factors of vision loss, so it is more likely to consult with your doctor to prevent inflammation in your body.

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