Daily laughter makes you healthy

16.11.2018 15:58:46

The old wisdom is right: laughter makes you healthy. More oxygen flows through the lungs, the brain is better supplied, the internal organs are massaged. Immune forces strengthen, stress eases and we release happiness hormones when we laugh. Conclusion: We should laugh a lot more and more often.

But if teeth have discoloration, malpositions or obvious signs of wear and tear, sufferers are reluctant to laugh properly heartily. Our dentistry experts can assist patients with wafer-thin ceramic ceramics, the so-called veneers, to recover the laughter.

Small bowl, big effect: veneers

Veneers are very thin but extremely stable ceramic veneers. In the form and color of the natural teeth, veneers can even correct gaps between the anterior teeth or deformities.

At our dentists, veneers are permanently applied to the corresponding teeth using a special adhesive. Ceramic has a very high biocompatibility - it is very well tolerated, does not trigger any reactions in the mouth and in its nature is very similar to natural tooth enamel, "explains an expert from Frankfurt am Main.

"We recommend veneers when fillings or bleaching are not expected to provide adequate improvement. This is especially the case, even if the size or position of the teeth must be corrected."

Confident of your own smile

If you ask yourself if veneers really are the right solution for you, smilin "offers a special opportunity: To demonstrate which aesthetic changes are possible with Veneres, it is possible to" try them out "with the help of a temporary restoration. The temporary veneers are manufactured in the practice's own dental laboratory from plastic. They are easy and easy to attach to the teeth and give a first impression. These "test veneers" convince by the changed appearance of the teeth.

"Many patients who think about veneers are so convinced of their smile with the" test veneers "that they can barely wait to adjust the final veneers," says the facmann from his experience.

Even the "real" veneers are produced in the practice-owned dental laboratory by their own dental technician masters. Carefully handcrafted, each individual veneer is adapted to the nature of the natural teeth in order to achieve maximum naturalness.

Advantages of ceramic veneers

Veneers are used to correct damaged, discolored teeth. Whether due to an accident or wear and tear, if bumps and discoloration have formed, veneers can be used to achieve a natural and aesthetic appearance of the teeth.

The advantages at a glance:

"A veneer applied to the tooth gives it a natural and beautiful appearance again. The treatment is safe and painless. With our concept, our patients can laugh heartily again", our experts summarize.

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