How to Increase Hair Volume

Many men with thin hair often do not really know when and why hair transplant is indicated. So, when you have lost almost 50% of the hair on the head, you may need to increase hair volume with transplantation.

At hair transplant centers in Germany and Austria, specialists with many years of experience clearly understand the indications for hair transplant in men. They know how to get thicker hair and eliminate bald spots. Why to go bald, when you can have hair transplant and improve your hairstyle?

The normalhair density on the head is at least 100 hair follicles (follicular units) per 1 cm2. But years of experience advise that visually aesthetic density of hair in men can be achieved even at a density of 25 follicular units per 1 cm2. Hair follicle transplantationis often used to increasehair volume in men.

In case of loss of 50% and morehair follicles, extended hair transplant surgery with a large number of donor units is required to increase hair volume in men. The skill of a surgeon includes not only accurate transplantation, but also careful and sparing use of donor materialwith simultaneous efforts to achievean aesthetic, natural looking result.

Surgery performed with high-precision tools specially designed to fit the structure of the patient's hair is used to increasehair volume of in men. For transplantation of donor follicles,microscopic holes are made in the skin, in sizeof skin pores. While doing them, doctors keep in mind to preservethe adjacent hair, and keep the direction of their growth, structure and curliness.

Thanks to this, increasing hair volume in men does not leave postoperative scars, whichprovides a natural resultand allows you to return quickly to an active daily life.

In the initial stages, hair thinning in women can be hidden with a carefully selected hairstyle. However, even modern techniques, including hair replacement, can only improve your appearance, but not hair quality. Unlike men, womenespecially suffer from hair loss, because such a situation is socially less acceptable for them. Hair loss in women is often regarded as a disease;bald spots in womenalways attract the attention of others.

The main cause of hair loss in women is a change in the balance of androgens in the body. This can lead to hair loss in the parietal zone and, as a consequence,to a significant thinning and reduction in the hairamount in this zone, which significantly worsen the appearance of women.

Is it possible in such cases to make thin hair thicker? Transplantation of hair follicles from the donor zoneis carried out to increase hair volume in women. This technique can improve your hairstyle.

When is necessary to increase hairvolume in women? For this, there must be a certain degree of thinning and reducing in the hairdensity, only then the increase in hair volume in women isadvisable. At the first consultation,trichology doctors in hair transplantclinics in Germany will recommend when is better to increase the volume of hair in women,how to make the hair thickerand what method to use.

In recent years, experts have been particularly careful in studying the problem of hair loss in women, and they are well aware of all the features, causes, genetic factors that contribute to this disease.

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