Childbirth in Germany

If you want to give birth to your child in Germany, we can help you with it! German clinics are famous for highly skilled doctors and medical personnel, perfect conditions for childbirth, warm and careful attitude to each patient. To give birth in Germany means to have additional 100% security assurances of your health and the health of your newborn. In Germany, there is practically no child and maternal mortality, there are no infections in the hospitals, and achievements in medicine allow to carry out even complicated childbirth successfully.

Childbirth in Germany

Traveling for giving birth in Germany has become more popular in recent years. About 20% of babies born in Germany in 2015 had mothers with foreign citizenship. We have not similar statistics for 2016, but birth tourism currently is a Global trend and Germany is one of the best countries, both in terms of prenatal and postnatal care in maternity clinics in Germany and legal issues. Whether you live in Germany as an expat or have arrived in the country for giving birth, you will receive qualified prenatal assistance and deliver your baby in a modern birth center under supervising of experienced doctors.

Usefull Information About Childbirth in Germany

Giving birth in Germany is safe and comfortable, though this word seems not very suitable for an event normally associated with pain. But you may choose fewer pain if you are willing. Here you find main advantages of giving birth in Germany.

Why to give birth in Germany:

  • Extremely low mortality rate in mothers (as of 2015 0.006% compared to 0.014% in the U.S.) and children (as of 2015 0.3% compared to 0.6% in the U.S.)
  • German maternity clinics are well-equipped and have modern postnatal care units
  • High qualification and great practical experience of doctors in birth centers in Germany
  • German gynecologists in prenatal centers will ensure your safety during a high-risk pregnancy
  • In maternity centers in Germany you can choose a delivery methods as:
    • Giving birth naturally (in various positions)
    • Water birth (bathtub delivery)
    • Labor with anesthesia (spinal/ epidural)
    • Cesarean section with innovative techniques
  • Giving birth in Germany, you may invite your husband or your mother (whoever you want) to stay with you during the childbirth.
  • Postnatal care for mothers and newborns in German maternity clinics conform to the highest world standard reducing the chances of postnatal complications
  • Well-trained nurses at maternity clinics will comfort a mother and baby with really human care
  • High class emergency service, involving surgery if needed
  • High level of rehabilitation services in postnatal centers

This list is not exhaustive you can find even more benefits if you decide on giving birth in Germany, but you should know how to give birth in Germany.

You can easily come to give birth in Germany as, according German legislation, the country is not obliged to grant a citizenship to those who was born in Germany, and therefore there are no legal restrictions for pregnant women to arrive. But you should make sure to come before 36 weeks as most of the air companies will not allow you to come on board later and some of them may have even stricter rules. Please check, when booking your tickets.

Citizens of the U.S. and UK do not need a visa for a stay less than 90 days. With a healthy pregnancy, it is quite enough, but if you worry about possible complications or do not want to move with a small baby, you should obtain a VISA for the Purpose of Medical Treatment in German Embassy or Consulate in your place. You may prolong it if needed without leaving the country. A birth center will send you an invitation, including also people who will accompany you. You may ask GMG for assistance.

After arrival for giving birth in Germany, you first will have an examination. Bring all of your pregnancy papers with you including the results of previous examinations. Doctors in maternity clinic you have chosen will have been taking care of you until you leave them with a healthy baby.

Depending on your birth clinic, they could have a separate prenatal center you could visit an obstetrics ward in the clinic, but, in any case, you will receive the following services:

  • Complete prenatal examination using the latest equipment, which may involve:
    • endometrial surgery
    • ultrasound
    • amniocentesis
    • puncture of the umbilical cord
    • combined screening
  • Monitoring your fetus development.
  • Necessary treatment and support in case of complications, including hospitalization if needed.
  • Future mother education. Experienced midwives will prepare you to the labor. Some clinics also offer courses for couples if your husband wishes to join you.

Delivery in German Maternity Clinics

When you move to a birth center, you may expect relaxing and homelike atmosphere. You will find a comfortable room for 1 or 2 people with a TV, phone and in some clinics with Wi-Fi or LAN for an extra fee.

Giving birth in German maternity clinics, you can choose a preferable method and position during the delivery.

Natural Delivery in a Birth Center in Germany

Natural obstetrics means you give birth yourself in an old-fashion way. Many German doctors consider natural delivery the best way of having a baby. Most maternity clinics have modern birthing beds with a chair that allows delivering in various positions:

  • Upright position
  • Sitting
  • Semi-sitting
  • Squatting
  • Side-lying
  • Kneeling forward

You will be assisted with a doctor and midwives and they will provide vaginal obstetrical intervention if needed, using forceps or vacuum extractor. You may use wraps to hang on if it makes you easy.

After the delivery, a neonatologist will examine your newborn baby. If it is healthy, you may stay with your child, otherwise it will be moved to the neonatal unit for intensive therapy. You may see your baby there.

Anesthesia during a Labor

Nowadays, some women wish to give birth without pain. There are a few types of anesthesia to help a woman during a labor:

  • Local
  • Regional
  • Epidural
  • Spinal

General anesthesia is used only in case of complications and necessity to switch to surgery. In most of maternity clinics in Germany epidural and spinal anesthesia are preferred methods to ease your pain as it has less impact to a baby.

Your Husband during the Labor

If you wish, your partner may sit in a chair next to you while you are giving birth. In Germany this is a normal practice, an experienced psychologist will help him if he has a nervous breakdown of seeing this.

Cesarean Section in Germany

A cesarean section can be performed in case of complications or if a woman wishes to get rid of natural delivery and choose sparing childbirth. Today, most of maternal clinics in Germany use Misgav Ladach method under local or epidural anesthesia.

Water Birth in Germany

A water birth, which is a delivery in a bathtub, has become popular in the later years and some of maternity clinics in Germany offer this service to future mothers. Labor in a bathtub is possible in two ways:

  • In lying position
  • On all fours

Postnatal Care in Germany

All maternity clinics in Germany are famous not only for high level of service while giving birth but also for postnatal care in specialized departments and postnatal care units, where, in case of complications, your newborn will receive intensive therapy and kind attention of doctors and nurses.

When delivery was uncomplicated, a baby stays with a mother but professional teams of nurses will assist her in the very first days of her motherhood. Medical staff at birth centers in Germany understands that childbirth is not only a medical but also psychological process and you will have more than sterile conditions and medical advices but attention and support. You will receive some initial education how to take care of your baby and comfort it. You may expect to stay in a maternity clinic 3-4 day or more if needed.

If you wish to give birth in Germany, but do not know how to manage this on your own, we will help you. We will give you detailed information how to give birth in Germany. Furthermore, we can arrange everything for you, which include:

  • Help in choosing a maternity clinic in Germany
  • Initial communication with a birth center in Germany
  • Obtaining all documents from the clinic as an invitation for visa (if needed), treatment plan and payment documents
  • Arranging translating service to translate all of your pregnancy documents
  • Arranging a transfer from an airport and interpreter service
  • Help in arranging accommodation for you and accompanying people.

The cost of giving a birth in Germany may differ depending on a maternity clinic. Ask us on price of childbirth in Germany and we will suggest you’re a choice of options starting from €5000. Giving birth in a private birth center will cost you more, but keep in mind that your safety and quality of medical services do not depend on whether you choose a state maternity hospital or a private birth clinic in Germany: they may differ only in facilities and additional services. Giving birth in Germany is 100% safe for you and your baby. Give us a call for further details how to give birth in Germany or use our callback service.

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