Univ. Prof. MD R. Jakesz
Surgery Clinic

Univ. Prof. MD R. Jakesz

Main Focus

    • Abdominal surgery
    • Breast surgery


Witthauergasse 37
01180 Vienna
Nearest airport: Vienna

About Univ. Prof. MD R. Jakesz

My extensive surgical work, especially in patients with oncological diseases, the scientific activities in organizational terms and the extensive publication activity led finally in 1996 to obtain the professorship for general surgery at the University Hospital at the AKH as successor to Prof. Arnulf Fritsch. I really liked this challenging job because it gave me the opportunity to

  • closely with an excellent team of colleagues in my department,
  • maintain interdisciplinarity in an excellent patient and scientific context,
  • to gradually implement the specialization of inclination and ability required in today's environment,
  • and either to develop or significantly support new strategies in many ways.

Many of my employees have been appointed to responsible leadership positions throughout Austria and have for the most part remained in close contact with their maternity clinic.

Guidelines of my function at the Clinical Department of General Surgery and the Interdisciplinary Breast Health Center were

  • Highest quality of treatment with an overall interdisciplinary view of the therapy definition and in the sense of surgical specialization to increase the personal experience of the person responsible,
  • International representation, international contacts for the exchange of ideas and further education,
  • Providing yearlong stays at renowned international institutions for employees,
  • Maintaining the principle of collegiality in individual career planning and gender-independent promotion and early involvement in research activities,
  • Support of clinic-related basic research,
  • Preservation of the surgical width with all attention to the selected area of ​​specialization, creation of attention and awareness for disease-related and disease-related stress of the patient in mental and emotional regard and consideration thereof, as well as holistic therapy concepts.

Operational activity

My surgical activity, after many years of surgical involvement with a plethora of diseases, has lately been confined primarily to cancer patients, and here again primarily to those with female breast disorders. I have operated on many thousands of breast cancer patients over the years, with particular emphasis on organ preserving surgical therapy (see also ABCSG) and sentinel lymph node biopsy to avoid radicular lymph node removal as far as possible. In order to determine the free resection margins during the operation, a close connection with the pathologist is a prerequisite.

The operations of private patients are carried out in the hospital Golden Cross. Postoperative therapy for endocrine therapy is performed in-house, and pre- and postoperative systemic therapies are performed in close collaboration with the Vienna University Department of Internal Medicine I and the Department of Radiotherapy at the AKH.

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