Prof. MD H. Jürgens
Münster University Hospital

Prof. MD H. Jürgens

Main Focus

    • Electroencephalography (EEG)
    • Lung function measurements
    • Clarification of nerve function disorders (paralysis, unusual movement, spasticity, disorders of the senses)


Domagkstraße 26
48149 Muenster
Nearest airport: Duesseldorf (140 km)

About Prof. MD H. Jürgens

Professor Heribert Jürgens: Top-class care for young patients

The Department for Paediatric Oncology at Münster University Hospital offers a wealth of experience in the treatment of cancer in children and adolescents.

Under the guidance of Professor Jürgens, a team of distinguished specialist physicians and nurses work with highly advanced medical equipment and in close collaboration with a number of colleagues from other departments at Münster University Hospital. The treatment of young patients suffering from cancer requires close cooperation between colleagues and partners, because an interdisciplinary approach and close ties represent the only means of diagnosing and treating all forms of malignant disease in the most modern way.

Münster University Hospital is one of Germany’s largest hospitals and offers an excellent level of care. Top-class specialist doctors and nurses, combined with advanced medical technology, ensure optimum diagnostics and therapies in all fields of 21st-century medicine. The Department for Paediatric Oncology is no exception. Headed by Professor Heribert Jürgens, it has become the largest cancer centre in Germany. Each year, it treats more than 150 new cases and also provides long-term support for these young patients. As a result of the close ties between medical care and research, treatment is offered at the highest medical standard and the therapies and chances of recovery are constantly improving. As well as treating local children with cancer, the department treats children from throughout Germany and beyond.

Specialisation + extensive experience = world-renowned quality

The Paediatric Oncology Department at Münster University Hospital is the European coordination centre for the treatment of bone tumours (Ewing’s sarcoma, osteosarcoma). Treatment of these tumours requires particularly close cooperation with specialists in tumour orthopaedics, which often enables limb-saving therapy concepts to be used. The department in Münster leads international studies on the treatment of germ cell tumours that ensures optimal care combining surgery, chemotherapy and precision radiotherapy. The affiliated bone marrow transplantation wards have now treated almost 300 children suffering mainly from malignant blood disorders such as leukaemia. Both autologous (donor and recipient are the same person) and allogeneic (donor and recipient are different people) bone marrow transplants are used, which are combined with high-dose chemotherapy. The department’s leadership of global studies into the quality of life of children and young people with cancer reflects its constant efforts to provide complex, all-round care for the affected children and their families.

The extraordinarily high quality of treatment has been certified by two specialist organisations. Besides this clinical expertise, the department's employees are involved in internationally regarded research projects, focusing predominantly on developing new therapy concepts. The main areas of research are issues of cellular immunotherapy, dealing with problems of infection in children with a weakened immune system and the tolerance of medication in children.

International patients

Numerous children from other European countries and the rest of the world visit Münster for treatment. The International Patient Management Department is the central point of contact and coordination office for the children and their families. In addition to medical care, we offer our young international patients and their families a special service, which includes interpreters, prayer rooms, culturally adapted cuisine, patient transport and accommodation for the people accompanying patients in suitable apartments and hotels in Münster.

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