MD M. Schiweck
Franciscus Hospital

MD M. Schiweck

Main Focus

    • Leading specialist in the sphere of knee and hip joint surgical treatment
    • All types of surgeries on knee joint (open and arthroscopic)
    • Meniscus surgery
    • Knee joint prosthesis
    • All types of surgery on hip joint
    • Endoprosthesis of shoulder joint
    • Feet surgery


Sanatoriumstr 10
52064 Aachen
Nearest airport: Cologne / Bonn (90 km)

About MD M. Schiweck

Orthopedics is one of the most required medical fields, and all people in need of treatment of articular diseases can find a solution to their problems in special orthopedic clinic under Franziskus hospital in Aachen, in Western Germany. This unique center has helped thousands of patients during more than 100 years of work.

Team of doctors and staff

Orthopedic hospital in Aachen is proud of its experts who are well-known outside Germany. Every year about 2000 foreigners come to get treatment from such orthopedists as:

  • Bernhard Fuss, M.D., specializing in surgical treatment of feet, ankle and knee joints.
  • Martin Schiweck, M.D., a renowned and experienced orthopedist and traumatologist. He specializes in all kinds of knee joint treatment as well as unique services of chiropractic and manual therapy.
  • Dr. Norbert Korsten, general orthopedist surgeon, well-known European specialist in the field of endoprosthesis replacement and articular arthroscopy
  • Professor Christof Rader, M.D., leading German specialist in the field of orthopedic surgery, sports medicine, rheumatology, physiotherapy and balneology.
  • Barbara Meyer-Ernst is also a doctor of medicine and a European-level specialist in the field of plastic and esthetic surgery of limbs.
  • Nikola Ihme, M.D., sports medicine and pediatric orthopedics specialist, well-known scientist (more than a hundred of scientific publications).
  • Friedhelm Schmitz, M.D., a certified endoprosthesis enginner specializing in open-joint surgery and prosthetics.
  • Matthias Weeg, M.D., B.Sc., specializes in treatment of articular rheumatism.

Treatment options in Aachen

Orthopedic clinic in Aachen offers quality treatment for the following body parts:

Aachen clinic also admits patients with limb deformities in need of a surgical correction and treats sports injuries of locomotor apparatus and their consequences.

After being admitted into Orthopedic Center under Franziskus hospital and diagnosed, a patient is offered, first of all, conservative treatment methods. If they do not prove effective, orthopedist finds minimally traumatic techniques of surgical operation and replacement. The clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art appliances and has a comfortable in-patient department.

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