PD MD T. Schneider
St. Vincentius Hospital

PD MD T. Schneider

Main Focus

    • Minimally invasive thoracic surgery
    • Thoracic tumours (lungs, mediastinum, pleura)
    • Pulmonary metastases (laser surgery)
    • Plastic airway and vascular surgery
    • Emphysema surgery
    • Corrective surgery for sunken chest


Suedendstrasse 32
76137 Karlsruhe
Nearest airport: Frankfurt am Main (80 km)


  • PD MD T. Schneider
  • PD MD T. Schneider

About PD MD T. Schneider

The Thoracic Surgery Clinic is part of St. Vincent’s Hospitals, Karlsruhe. As an acute district hospital, the St. Vincent’s Hospitals, Karlsruhe, participates in the medical care of the Central Upper Rhine / Northern Black Forest Region. Each year, in a total of 15 specialised hospitals, over 30,000 in-patients are cared for, both from the region and from beyond.

All surgical procedures on the lungs, on the bronchial tree, the windpipe, the diaphragm, the mediastinum, and on the rib-cage are performed in the Thoracic Surgery Clinic, both for adults and for children. Thanks to the close collaboration with the other departments within the hospital, all interdisciplinary diagnostic procedures can be performed at any time and prompt, optimum preparation for surgery is ensured. Thanks to the high standard of medical care, the personal care and emotional support of our patients, the Thoracic Surgery Clinic is renowned, both in the region and beyond.

Together with the Clinics for Pulmonology, Oncology and Radiotherapy, the Lung Cancer Centre was certified in accordance with the guidelines of the German Cancer Association in 2011. In the interdisciplinary Tumour Board, an individual treatment concept is created for each patient in accordance with the latest treatment guidelines and the most up to date research.

The most conservative surgical technique is always utilised in surgical procedures. One particular focus of the Department is minimally invasive surgical techniques – over 60% of the surgical procedures are performed using of key-hole surgery. If open surgery (with an incision) must be performed, for major tumour surgery, for example, the body’s own healthy lung tissue is routinely transplanted by means of bronchoplasty and can be preserved. Bronchial metastases, in particular, can be operated on very conservatively by means of laser. Thanks to these techniques, the quality of life following an operation on the lung can be improved significantly. The centre of our attention is the patient.

The treatment of benign conditions of the rib-cage – pneumothorax (collapsed lung), pleural empyema (pleural suppuration), excessive sweating (hyperhydrosis) or chest wall deformities (sunken chest) – is also among our treatment emphases.

Many conditions of the rib-cage can result in serious damage. In particular, if findings in the rib-cage are initially categorised as inoperable, obtaining a second opinion plays an important role. This procedure is recommended by the German Cancer Association in order that the patient has more certainty in decision-making. A second opinion consultation is provided specifically for this purpose.

Diagnostic Services

  • Diagnostic imaging techniques (X-ray, CT, fluoroscopy)
  • Endoscopic diagnostics (bronchoscopy, endobronchial ultrasound, argon, cryogenic treatment)
  • Invasive diagnostics (mediastinoscopy, thoracoscopy)
  • Nuclear medicine (perfusion, ventilation scintigraphy, PET)
  • Cardiac diagnostics (ECG, long-term ECG, echocardiography, cardiac catheter)
  • Lung function test
  • Ultrasound diagnostics (sonography rib-cage, abdomen, vascular examination)

Therapeutic Services

  • Chest wall surgery including corrective surgery for sunken chest
  • Surgery for mesothelioma (pleural cancer)
  • Surgery of the trachea (windpipe)
  • Emphysema surgery with lung volume reduction
  • Paediatric thoracic surgery
  • Multimodal therapeutic concepts
  • Minimally invasive tumour surgery
  • Metastasis surgery – tissue-conserving with laser surgery
  • Minimally invasive surgery of the mediastinum (myasthenia, thymoma)
  • Surgery on the diaphragm
  • Septic thoracic surgery (empyema, abscesses, removal of callosities)
  • Specific pain therapy using neurostimulation
  • Sympathectomy for excessive perspiration (hyperhidrosis)
  • Tumour surgery on the lung including lung-conserving plastic surgery techniques
  • Thoracic surgery intensive care medicine and respiratory medicine including weaning
  • Video mediastinoscopy
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