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Pain in the knee often means a loss of quality of life. So trust the knee specialist Prof. MD Philip Schoettle in Munich.

Right from the start of his orthopedic specialist training at Klinikum Rechts der Isar, the doctor focused on the knee or knee joint and then sought training from appropriate teachers.

At an early stage he assisted complex operations with greats such as Prof. MD Philip Schoettle, Weiler, Imhoff and Hardy, with whom he also worked intensively on a scientific basis. In this way he was able to learn different schools of knee surgery and then combine the best of all in one of his own.

Knee specialist Prof. MD Philip Schoettle not only has surgical experience in operations on the knee joint, from arthroscopy to knee prosthesis revision, but also has the relevant scientific expertise in every area, which ensures the success of the interventions. This also explains why Prof. MD Philip Schoettle is consulted nationally and internationally in complex cases or patients from all over the world come to him to be treated by him primarily or after a failed first knee operation.

The 1970s saw dramatic changes in the diagnosis and treatment of knee injuries. It was during this time that Frank Noyes and Edward Grood carried out the first sophisticated biomechanical studies on the knee and changed the way we think about and treat knee instability. They were the first to do a three-dimensional analysis of knee movements. They wrote the software that characterized the three axes of knee movement, around which each axis has a rotation and a translation. This concept is used to this day in all robot and computer programs for knee motion analysis. Noyes and his coworkers examined normal and abnormal knee kinetics and kinematics, particularly the placement and tension of the anterior and posterior cruciate ligament, as well as the strength of the knee ligaments and the various replacement grafts. Then they introduced the flexion-rotation-drawer test. They also developed a logical classification of knee ligament injuries.

Inspired by this, Prof. MD Philip Schoettle the Knee and Health Institute in Munich, where the optimal and individualized knee treatment is carried out for every patient, taking into account biomechanical facts and scientific achievements.

This ranges from the diagnosis of knee injuries in cooperation with radiologists and movement analysts, surgical or conservative or cell therapy treatment to follow-up treatment and training by our knee specialists here in Munich.


As a knee specialist, Prof. MD Philip Schoettle attaches particular importance to demonstrating the effectiveness of knee treatments. At the beginning of 2000, this led to the fact that he developed the basis for a new approach and care for patella instabilities and pain, first together with Prof. Romero from Zurich and later with Prof. Weiler and Prof. Duda from the musculoskeletal center of the Charité in Berlin, after the Previously existing therapeutic approaches had a relatively high failure rate.


During this time, the MPFL reconstruction, which he developed and significantly advanced, was developed to stabilize the knees, which he operated on more than 1,000 times as head of the "Knee" section at the Technical University of Munich. This achievement quickly made him known internationally as a knee specialist, which is reflected in the numerous publications and book articles that he has published. In addition, he defined the Schoettle point, which is noted in almost all orthopedic textbooks today, and which is used by every knee specialist around the world as an orientation for MPFL reconstruction. Prof. Schoettle understands his job as a knee specialist in Munich not only in a purely clinical, more operative activity, but also places a significant emphasis on the accompanying science and therefore also on alternative, proven knowledge of the non-surgical treatment of knee injuries. This is done in constant cooperation with other knee specialists from other disciplines such as physiotherapists, radiologists, metabolism specialists, general practitioners and alternative practitioners.

This far-sighted and prudent as well as progressive perspective is not only unique in the treatment of knee injuries in Munich but also worldwide, but it is rare and almost never united under one roof.

In the field of competitive sport, his team of knee specialists and other experts in Munich deal in detail with the question of when athletes can safely return to sport after knee surgery.

Your rehabilitation program contains detailed sequences of exercises and controlled parameters, but also a nutrition plan that must be individually tailored and adhered to in order to achieve quick success before patients can be released for unrestricted activities.

Prof. MD Philip Schoettle has always been an advocate of a team approach in the assessment and treatment of patients with knee disorders - so that not only the aspect of the operative but also the holistic medical practitioner and physiotherapist etc. is taken into account. This is the only way to achieve a perfect result.

Prof. MD Philip Schoettle is one of the knee specialists in Munich, who not only dealt with clinical care but also in detail with the anatomy and biomechanics of the joint in order to gain in-depth knowledge of the treatment of specific knee lesions such as those of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), the posterior cruciate ligament, articular cartilage, patella, meniscus, and other structures.

This therefore not only includes surgical care - i.e. knee surgery - but also rehabilitation for various knee injuries through to individually adapted treatments with and without surgery for anterior cruciate ligament rupture, as it is known, for example, that there are gender-specific differences in injuries and care.

A knee treatment with Prof. MD Philip Schoettle in Munich always includes a scientific basis (evidence) to support his treatment approach, a team approach, a careful and carefully planned operation and the attitude to always do the best for the patient. These key principles should be a knee specialist's creed.


Prof. MD Philip Schoettle is your renowned specialist in the field of the knee joint in Munich and, at the Knee & Health Institute, offers comprehensive treatment options for acute or chronic knee pain of various causes.

Based on decades of experience and permanent training as well as his own research and the regular exchange with other knee experts worldwide, Prof. MD Philip Schoettle has an excellent national and international reputation in the field of the knee joint and in 2019 was named the top physician in the field of knee: meniscus and cruciate ligament by Focus.

Prof. MD Philip Schoettle at the university clinics in Munich, Paris, Zurich and at the Charité Berlin.

The top priority at the Knee & Health Institute is to ensure that you, the patient, receive optimal and holistic treatment of the knee joint, taking into accountbiomenchanical facts and scientific achievements in the knee area.

In addition to the highest medical expertise, this also requires close cooperation with experienced radiologists and movement analysts, as well as a follow-up treatment that is perfectly tailored to you by specialized physiotherapists and sports scientists.

For Prof. MD Philip Schoettle, the constant exchange with his team and all specialists involved in the treatment is extremely important and indispensable for the optimal treatment result.

Based on the excellent results which Prof. MD Philip Schoettle and his team at the knee joint have been trusting the Knee & Health Institute in Munich for many years, as well as top athletes and international patients, with some extremely complex knee problems.

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