MD. K. Korsmeier
Orthopedic clinic Facharztklinik Essen

MD. K. Korsmeier

Main Focus

    • Leading orthopedist of the clinic
    • Arthroscopy of hip joint
    • Orthopedic therapy
    • Surgery on meniscus (stitching, replacement)
    • Surgery of cartilage corpuscle


Girardetstr. 8
45131 Essen
Nearest airport: Dusseldorf (30 km)

Dr Konrad Körsmeier is the medical director of our clinic and a specialist in the field of orthopedics and special traumatology.

He is a member of different special medical societies, keeps participating in conferences, seminars and trainings to continue self-education.

At the moment, Dr. Körsmeier performs scientific research in Specialized Essen clinic of Grönemeyer university of microtherapy concerning specific subjects (arthroscopy of hip joint, orthopedic therapy, replacement and stitching of meniscus, replacement of cartilage corpuscle). Our clinic is a leading innovative medical center of Germany that performs arthroscopy of hip joint, implantation of cartilage cells and installation of cervical vertebrae prostheses).

Our main directions:

How our clinic differs from the others?

First, we have a high level of specialization thanks to years of experience. A patient is treated by one doctor starting from medical history collection, diagnosis, preparation to surgery and finishing by the operation and follow-up care.

Secondly, we provide ample diagnosis and therapy. Arthroscopy of hip joint allows operating damaged joints in a spare way – without huge stitches obligatory for other kinds of operations.

Thanks to our proprietary method of implantation of hip cartilage corpuscle, we can save the joint and prevent further development of osteoarthritis.

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