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In a brachytherapy, the radiation source is either in the immediate vicinity of the tumor or it is introduced directly into the tumor. The rays in the body only travel a short distance. "Short" in Greek means "brachys", so this treatment is also called "brachytherapy". For internal radiotherapy, radioactive substances are used as a radiation source.

Radiation therapy of malignant tumors has the aim of destroying the tumor, while preserving neighboring healthy tissue as much as possible. The latter is the special concern of brachytherapy, in which radioactive radiators are used in a small procedure directly in the tumor or its immediate environment. In contrast to external radiation, the rays directly reach the tumor and damage less the surrounding healthy tissue. Physicians are still trying out the various methods of radiotherapy to find out which technique can best help people when.

Whether a radiotherapy and especially a brachytherapy comes into question, depends on many factors: Where is the tumor? How big is he? How far has he spread? Which variant of the tumor is present (for example, which cell type is it)?

Brachytherapy is possible in many different parts of the body. Depending on where and how the radiation source is placed in the body, we distinguish three forms:

  • Surface application: The source of radiation is applied directly to the skin, for example to treat a skin cancer.
  • Intracavitary brachytherapy: The source of radiation is introduced into the body's natural cavities, such as the uterus or vagina, esophagus or bronchi.
  • Interstitial brachytherapy: In this form, the source of radiation is introduced into the tissue, for example in the prostate or the breast. There are two possibilities: Either the radioactive material is permanently implanted into the tissue in small containers, such as capsules (rice seeds). It stays there and the radiation decreases over the course of months. Or the radiation source is repeatedly introduced into the tumor only for a short time and then removed again. As a rule, no surgical intervention is necessary.
The brachytherapy is already possible at a price from €8,600. Please send us your inquiry with a current x-ray image to get a detailed estimate cost.

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High-dose brachytherapy for prostate cancer (monotherapy)from €8,600

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