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A phlebitis refers to a localized inflammation of the vein wall. Often it occurs on the superficial veins of the legs, less often there is a phlebitis on the arms. Phlebitis can cause a blood clot. Conversely, a phlebitis may develop from a thrombosis. One distinguishes a superficial thrombophlebitis from an inflammation of the deep veins. It is virtually always associated with thrombosis and is therefore also referred to as deep vein thrombosis or phlebothrombosis. The distinction is important because the therapy and the course of the disease of the two forms differ.

Superficial phlebitis occurs more frequently in connection with varicose veins (varices, varicosis) because the vein wall changes here. Varices form predominantly on the legs, a phlebitis in the leg is therefore a frequent localization. Overall, phlebitis occurs relatively often. They should always be treated by a doctor as they can lead to complications if left untreated.

The symptoms of phlebitis are usually quite characteristic. Often, typical signs of inflammation occur: The affected vein section hurts and is characterized as a red, often swollen strand on the skin from. Overall, the respective limb is usually not swollen. In superficial phlebitis, the skin above the affected vein also feels much warmer. Even slight pressure on the inflamed vessel causes pain. If the thrombophlebitis is caused by a bacterial infection, it may be accompanied by fever.

The treatment of phlebitis depends on its type and severity. In case of superficial thrombophlebitis, the doctor first advises to cool the inflamed area. In many cases, he also puts on a compression bandage. In the case of phlebitis, most people also find it pain-relieving when they lift their legs up. However, unless the doctor speaks against it, you do not have to keep to bed rest and may move as usual.

Treatment for deep vein thrombosis usually requires hospitalization. Here, the treatment aims primarily to prevent pulmonary embolism. Doctors administer anti-coagulant drugs.

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The treatment of superficial venous thrombosis depends on the condition's etiology, extent, and symptoms. 2020-03-10 Thrombophlebitis Treatment
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Thrombophlebitis Treatment

Normal blood flow and vascular health are based on three factors:

  • Normal speed of blood current. If blood flows through the vessel at normal speed, the blood does not have enough time to coagulate and form blood clots. The healthy vessels and active way of life contribute to the maintenance of natural speed of blood flow.
  • Normal blood coagulation. The body of a healthy person produces a number of substances responsible for blood coagulation and anticoagulation. Hormonal disorders, cancer, obesity and other illnesses can provoke failures of synthesis and work of these substances and increase blood coagulation.
  • The integrity of vascular walls. The inner walls of the veins are covered with a special substance called fibrin S. Fibrin prevents clots from attaching to the vein walls and ensures the normal permeability of the vessel.

Based on these factors, the following causes leading to thrombophlebitis can be distinguished:

  • Infectious diseases
  • Excess weight
  • Harmful lifestyle, sedentary office work, work "on the legs"
  • Surgeries or injuries of legs
  • Cancers
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Varicose veins

Symptoms of thrombophlebitis

Thrombophlebitis of the legs manifests itself in pain and swelling of the affected limb. The skin of the affected leg may become reddish. If clots lead to thrombosis and clogging of veins, the limb can become cyanotic or acquire a glossy shine. Patients with thrombophlebitis have feaver. The temperature is mainly increased locally: the affected area feels warm. In acute inflammation, patients complain about feeling unwell and fever up to 39 degrees.

Treatment of thrombophlebitis of legs in Germany

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Professional treatment in the best phlebology clinics in Germany is available for patients suffering from thrombophlebitis.

Capio Clinic

Capio phlebology clinic was founded by Dr. Norbert Frings, a phlebologist with 30 years of experience. Dr. N. Frings is one of the top 100 doctors in Germany and was awarded with a medal for his contribution to the development of phlebology. Every year the Capio Clinic conducts up to 250000 surgeries on vessels. The clinic can boast of high loyalty of its patients: 85% of new clients come to Capio on the advice of friends or relatives. More Info...

Pforzheim Phlebology Clinic

Pforzheim Phlebology Clinic is working for more than 20 years and provides a wide range of surgeries and procedures for vessel treatment, including the treatment of thrombophlebitis. Treatment of vessels using the Celon and VNUS methods is available in the clinic, which makes it possible to treat many vascular diseases in one visit to the doctor. More Info...

Freiburg Venous Center

Freiburg Venous Center is comprised of a professional team of phlebologists and vascular surgeons led by Michael Hartman. Freiburg Venous Center has been working since 1981 investing a lot of funds for the development: various types of lasers and integrated operating systems are available to the center's doctors.

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