TOP Doctors for Abdomen Lifting (Tummy Tuck)

An enormous weight loss, a pregnancy or increasing age can be the reason for excess skin, which does not disappear even through sports. If the stretched tissue does not develop due to a lack of elasticity of the skin, we recommend a tummy tuck or a tummy tuck or lower abdominoplasty.

The tummy tuck is not a means to lose weight. Often it is done in addition to liposuction. The best results are achieved in lean, healthy patients whose flaccid abdominal tissue does not respond to exercise and diet. During the operation, a long horizontal scar develops over the genital area, which fades over time but does not become completely invisible. The doctor will talk to you about the placement of the scar. There is also a small scar on the belly button. Sometimes an additional vertical scar is required. The abdominal wall is flatter and more uniform after surgery.

A tummy tuck is performed under general anesthesia by specialized specialists with the utmost sensitivity and precision. Within a small tummy tuck, the lower abdomen is tightened to the navel. It also has a firming effect on the pubic area and groin. The excised navel remains in its original position, with a small, barely visible scar. A large abdominoplasty, in which the navel is displaced, extends to the costal arch and can be combined with a firming of the muscles. In many cases a tummy tuck is combined with liposuction. After the operation, a special association will be created for a short time. Afterwards you wear a bodice, which supports your stomach up to six weeks.

On the page, you can see the best doctors for abdomen lifting. International patients pick these specialists for abdomen lifting due to the following reasons:

  • Innovative treatment methods
  • Minimally invasive surgeries
  • Up to 95% success rate. The doctors listed below apply the latest techniques to achieve such a result.
  • International accreditation. The abdomen lifting facilities have international healthcare accreditations and certificates. It means that they provide the abdomen lifting in accordance with the strict world treatment protocols.

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Follow these steps to choose the best doctor for abdomen lifting:

  1. Learn the info about doctors for abdomen lifting listed below. It represents top specialists in Europe.
  2. Submit a request on German Medical Group specifying the purpose of the treatment.
  3. Our manager will call you back to book the chosen specialist for abdomen lifting or offer another one according to the diagnosis, health condition, and financial ability.
  4. If you approve the chosen doctor for abdomen lifting, our manager schedules the date of your arrival.
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