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For the profile of a face next to the nose, the chin plays a crucial role. Too small a chin disturbs the harmony of the aesthetic appearance. This is not always aware of the person concerned and sometimes there is an idea about a different face. It distinguishes the good practitioner that he also sensitively draws the patient's attention to these relationships. Especially in patients with a very large (high) nose a small chin leads to an optical amplification of this.

A correction of the small chin can be carried out in different ways. Basically, your bite should be right, otherwise the possibilities of orthodontics and surgery are the right way. Enlargement can be achieved with an implant or advancing the chin. For example, both methods can be combined well with nose correction. Before an operation is always the exact analysis of your proportions.

A chin implant is placed over a small incision under the chin. The Vorverlagern the chin bone via a cut in the lower lip and waives the introduction of a foreign body. A certain amount of enlargement can also be achieved by using a filler such as hyaluronic acid, but it is not permanent.

Even a very large chin can have an unfavorable effect on the harmony of the face. Here is a correction on the chin bone possible to bring the dimensions with the other parts of the face in harmony. The access is carried out via a cut behind the lower lip. So no external scars are created.

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Chin surgery, or mentoplasty, is a surgical procedure to reshape the chin either by enhancement with an implant or reduction surgery on the bone. 2020-03-10 Chin Correction
Chin Correction

The shape of chin is a unique feature of person’s face that forms the image. However, it doesn’t always match with other face features, looks a bit incoherently, or is asymmetrical from birth or because of injuries. It can be either stepping forward too much, or be almost absent. Since the shape of chin influences overall image and appearance, some women with specific chin can suffer from low self-esteem and feel not pretty. Chin correction can solve this problem.

If a person has bevel-edged chin, its form visually retracted by installing corresponding implants that can either be obtained from patient’s own bone or cartilage, or be artificial. Access to the operated zone can be made via an incision from the inner size of the lower lip, or via in incision in the lower chin part. Scars left after such surgical invasion are almost not visible.

The form of a retracting chin can also be corrected aesthetically. It can be done by removing a tip of the chin or moving the jaw back. However, if a person has problems with occlusion of teeth (especially when he or she has closed occlusion), it’s important to consult with the dentist and, if necessary, eliminate it. Correction of retracting chin can affect chewing function and, as the result, patient’s life quality.

To augment chin, surgeons typically use implants. It can be either a silicone implant, or patient’s own bone or cartilage. It is fixed in place by a surgeon and connected with the chin bone.

Preparation for surgery

Two weeks prior to the operation, a patient should exclude alcohol, nicotine, hypnotic drugs and blood thinners. A person should also prepare enough ice or cooling compresses – they can be bought in a pharmacy, and serve to reduce swelling of operated area.

Description of surgery

Eight out of ten patients suffering from a receding chin liked the computer simulation image with the chin extension shown a lot better than just the corrected nose. It is also very interesting that when you look at the pictures, all of the respondents do not even recognize the manipulated chin and tap the picture with the corrected chin when asked "Which nose does you like better?" Although nothing has been changed in the nose, only the chin has been changed. It is very similar with pictures on which profile corrections with and without shortening a protruding chin were shown.

Very often the doctors are visited by patients who, because of a double chin, the cause of which is not a flabby neck or increased fat, but a fleeing chin. If you correct the fleeing chin and at the same time make a platysmar, the profile view of the face and the contour of the neck can be significantly improved.

If an extension is carried out with a receding chin, a slicon implant is used in mild to moderate cases up to a projection deficit of approx. 10 - 12 mm. In more severe cases, orthodontic surgery is required.

Due to the many different chin implants, you can go into the individual face shapes very well and be considerate. Such as a wide or narrow lower jaw or round and flat chin tip. Chin implants are generally accepted very well by the body and are not perceived as foreign bodies.

As a rule, chin correction is performed under general anesthesia. The duration depends on complexity of surgery and takes about 30-60 minutes. As a rule, a patient has to spend 1-2 days in the hospital under doctors’ surveillance after the operation. In 1-2 weeks, bandage is removed together with stitches.

Post-surgery care

Since swelling and light pain cannot be avoided after operation, cooling compresses are recommended for chin zone. It’s also recommended to eat soft foods only (mash, soups and soft vegetables) during two weeks.

To avoid infections, special attention should be paid to oral hygiene within first weeks after the surgery. Doctor prescribes special fluid for mouthwash that should be regularly used after every meal. Other drugs and medications should be used according to doctor’s recommendations and instructions.

Possible complications

Correction of chin presupposes surgical invasion. Therefore, it’s almost impossible to avoid all complications.

Swelling, bruises and light pain in chin area are usual consequences of such operation. Doctors usually recommend applying cold compresses to the places that ache. Pain killers are used as exception from the rule. In most cases, pain subsides by itself.

In rare cases, patients complain about numbing or loss of sensitivity of the lower jaw and lower lip. However, these are temporary occasions. It was reported that sometimes patients’ teeth were damaged during operations. It’s possible when the jaw bone is separated, or when the implant is fixed with fixing screws. That doesn’t happen, if the operation is performed by an experienced doctor.

Another exceptional case is operation when the implant is rejected, or it “slips” from the fixing elements.

Cost of surgical chin correction

The cost of operation can vary, and the sum can be defined when the patient is examined thoroughly. Experience shows that the price for chin correction varies from €1200 to €2900.

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