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Knee pain

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German clinics offer the all-embracing diagnostic of all types of knee pain and offer a great variety of treatment methods for all kinds of knee pathologies. Only when you know the cause of the problem, you can expect a sufficient treatment. Pain syndrome of a knee joint is usually accompanied with fever, chills and undue fatigability. Mentioned symptoms are a signal to pay attention to your own body, because pain is a bell, warning, as a rule, about functional disorders and instability of the knee joint. There are many factors that influence the stability of the joint: the state of the ligaments, tendons and muscles of the joint, as well as the elasticity of intra-articular cartilaginous plates – menisci.

An acute pain that occurs in the inner part of the knee, as well as edema of the knee joint, is a true sign of the meniscus lesion. In this case, incorrect redistribution of loads in the joint takes place, resulting in its gradual destruction. Moreover, neglected meniscopathy leads to the destruction of the joint capsule of the knee joint. In some cases, partial or complete resection of the meniscus may be prescribed.

Another possible cause of the pain syndrome may be an inflammation process of a synovial membrane of a knee joint capsule (a type of bursitis). The reason for such inflammation is often mechanical injury and microcracks. One of the most common causes of the knee pain is osteoarthritis of the joint.

Diagnostic and therapy of the knee pain in Germany

You shouldn’t endure the pain: in the case of any pain during exercise or at rest you should consult an orthopedist. But simple visual examination is not usually enough for the diagnostic of any knee injury. Experienced specialists of the clinics in Germany, summering anamnesis and conducting a general examination, appoint an MRI (magnetic resonance tomography). This procedure is often only an auxiliary diagnostic measure, as X-ray pictures do not differentiate all the damages.

Arthroscopy in Germany

One of the modern methods of knee diagnostic and treatment is arthroscopy. The cost of arthroscopy, depending on the results of the examination, is 4.000-5.000 euros. Arthroscopy is a method of endoscopic operation on the joints. Operations are carried out using very thin instruments and special optics connected to a digital camera. During the operation, the surgeon looks at the monitor and sees everything that is happening at the moment in the joint, with optical magnification from 40 to 60 times. Thin arthroscope allows the surgeon to examine the inner cavity of the knee joint.

Moreover, the use of modern instruments and highly sensitive optics enables to operate on the knee joint with minimal damage to the surrounding structures and the joint itself (for example, suturing or removing parts of the menisci, cartilage transplantation, ligamentous reconstruction), doing only 2-3 small incisions. Apart from that, the patient can walk within few hours after this operation.

If endoprosthesis replacement is unavoidable, you shouldn’t despair. Often, after the operation, people forget about the pain in the knee when walking for a long time. Thanks to modern technologies used in clinics in Germany, the implant is created taking into account the patient’s anatomy.

Endoprosthesis of the knee in Germany

Surgery (for an acute pain when walking and even sitting), i.e. endoprosthesis, is carried out in exceptional cases. Fixed knee joint implant can increase the limb flexion angle to 150 degrees, as well as ensure its internal and external rotation. An artificial knee allows recreating full functionality of the joint. The cost of endoprosthesis in Germany is about 16.000-17.000 EUR.

However, an important role in achieving therapeutic effect plays proper mobilization of the operated limb after surgery. Typically, rehabilitation after total endoprosthesis of the knee takes about 2 weeks (the cost of intensive postoperative rehabilitation is 4200 EUR). In rare cases, it is required to increase the rehabilitation period up to three weeks. The durability of the qualitative prosthesis is more than 30 years.

The orthopedic centers in Germany offer a whole system of rehabilitative and preventive measures that allow avoiding the appearance of pain syndrome in the future. Our team of experienced orthopedists is ready not only to help you get rid of knee pain when walking, but also, thanks to modern diagnostic measures, find out the cause of the pain.

We will be glad to bring back the joy of your movement! To get more information about treatment in Germany, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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