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Renal Failure Treatment in Germany

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Renal failure treatment

Clinics ofinternal medicine specialized at renal failure treatment in Germany feature all required modern technologies for kidney treatment. The diagnostics in these medical centers allows detecting renal failure on the early stage that helps to prevent its development. Many symptoms can indicate the renal failure development. In some cases the disease is asymptomatic, but as usual it has the following signs:

  • the decrease of urine amount
  • the swelling of legs, ankles, feet as a result of liquid collection in tissues,
  • labored breathing without a reason,
  • drowsiness and tiredness,
  • nausea,
  • confusion of consciousness,
  • pains or pressure in chest,
  • attacks and coma in some cases.

Treatment of internal diseases should be preceded by highly precise diagnosis. The diagnostic procedures include:

  • Urine test. The urine sample is checked for anomalies. The doctor also can prescribe the urinary sediment test to measure the number of white and red blood cells, the level of bacteria and cellular cylinders.
  • Urodynamics. Measuring the urine flow is one of the simplest diagnostic tests. For instance, insufficient flow points at renal function disorder due to the blocked urinary tracts. Various diseases or injuries can lead to such condition.
  • Blood test. A blood sample is taken for measuring the amount of urea and creatinine filtered by kidneys. Rapid increase of these matters in blood indicates the renal failure.
  • Imaging diagnostics methods such as ultrasound scan, MRI and CT give kidneys and urinary tracts images where the doctor can detect the blocked areas and renal anomalies.
  • Kidney biopsy. The sample of kidney tissue is examined for abnormal complications, scars and infectious agents. The tissue sample is taken by biopsy method, a simple procedure performed under local anesthesia and X-ray control. The sample is taken by a needle inserted into the kidney.

The diagnostics in Germany exclude the risks of mistakes and the possibility of incorrect treatment.

Timely kidney treatment in Germany helps to restore the patient’s health. There are tens of hemodialysis centers and nephrology clinics in Germany equipped with modern apparatuses updated each five years. High professionalism and competency of nephrologists specialized at renal failure treatment in Germany allow performing efficient kidney transplantation surgeries.

Nephrology in Germany provides treatment for acute exogenous and endogenous intoxications, diabetic nephropathy, endocryne disorders in adrenal body and parathyroid gland functions, chronic and acute renal diseases, acute renal failure and different complications caused by kidney diseases.

A precise diagnostics defines the treatment method for renal failure by detecting a precise diagnosis and its stage. Besides laboratory and clinic diagnostics the doctors perform needle biopsy, ultrasonic scan, functional kidney diagnostics. To cure renal failure the doctors in Germany apply drug specific and nonspecific treatment, chemotherapy, immunomodulatory treatment, hemodialysis and apparatus treatment that includes hemoperfusion, peritoneal dialysis, hemofiltration, hemodiafiltration, cryofiltration, membrane plasma separation and others.

By choosing renal failure treatment in Germany you get highly qualified specialists ready to perform high-quality diagnostics and treatment up to the full patient’s recovery.

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