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Prostate Treatment

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Prostate treatment

Prostate treatment in Germany is high quality medical services in the field of diagnostics and treatment of prostate diseases, as well as preventive studies for avoidance or early diagnosis of such diseases. Moreover, because of the increase in the number of cases of prostate disease, its treatment in Germany is becoming the field of medicine of constant studies, of the development of new methods of treatment, innovative diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, such as the use of TCR-laser.

Prostate (prostate gland) disorders are among the most common men diseases. Every second man over 50 years suffers from them. The most common prostate diseases are benign prostatic enlargement (benign prostatic hyperplasia), prostate cancer, acute prostatitis (prostate inflammation), chronic prostatitis, chronic non-bacterial prostatitis (prostatodynia / vegetative urogenital syndrome) and others.

The following diagnostic and therapeutic methods are used in Germany for prostate diagnosis and treatment:

  • Minimally invasive diagnostics (non-bioptic diagnostic, using modern methods of laboratory analysis of blood and urine tests to determine the risk of prostate cancer; synchronous ultrasound elastography)
  • Brachytherapy (permanent implantation of radioactive seeds)
  • High-intensity focused ultrasound ablation
  • TCR-laser
  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia treatment, using a diode laser system EVOLVE, company Biolitec
  • Thermotherapy with the use of microwaves and others.

Clinic of prostate treatment in Heidelberg

Heidelberg clinic is a specialized center, which uses attenuated methods of prostate diseases treatment. It provides such mild treatment methods as prostate non-bioptic diagnostic to determine the risk of prostate cancer, synchronous elastography to study tumor changes in tissues, choline PET, high-intensity focused ultrasound ablation in case of prostate cancer, Greenlight-laser ( TCR-laser), as well as diode laser Evolve by Biolitec for gentle treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, thermotherapy using microwaves, transurethral needle ablation and prostatitis treatment by magneto therapy, using therapeutic device NeoControl.

Surgical prostate treatment methods are:

  • Treatment with the help of Greenlight-laser (laser TCR) – a minimally invasive procedure to remove benign prostatic tissue
  • Removal of prostate by transurethral resection or laparotomy

The center of prostate treatment in Frankfurt-am-Mein

The center of prostate treatment offers medical and surgical treatment of prostate diseases. The surgical methods, used for prostate treatment in the center in Frankfurt-am-Mein, include thermotherapy (hyperthermia, thermotherapy or thermoablation and other laser methods), transurethral resection of prostate (as an alternative to removal of prostate through laparoscopy). The clinic also uses an endoscopic method of treatment by means of laser system Greenlight.

An important aspect of work of the center is carrying out preventive studies aimed at early diagnosis of prostate cancer. Such studies include ultrasound, analysis of the urine for signs of inflammation and blood in it, a test for diagnosis of bladder cancer and others. The highest diagnostic accuracy of prostate cancer is observed, when using a comprehensive study, which consists of a digital rectal examination and test for prostate-specific antigen (PSA).

Prostate treatment center “Nymphenburg” in Munich

The center offers the latest diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities. The range of services of prostate treatment, provided by “Nymphenburg” in Munich, includes diagnostic and treatment of all prostate diseases:

  • Diagnostic and treatment of benign prostate enlargement and prostate chronic syndrome (drug treatment, transurethral resection of prostate, open removal of adenoma (subcapsular enucleation by Millin), and bipolar plasma vaporization)
  • Diagnostic and treatment of malignant changes of prostate (prostate cancer) – a study on early diagnosis of prostate cancer, follow-up study, prostate biopsy, active observation, radical surgery, external irradiation (percutaneous radiotherapy), internal irradiation (brachytherapy), drug treatment (hormone and chemotherapy)
  • Diagnostic and treatment of prostate inflammatory diseases and pelvic chronical pain syndrome
  • Brachytherapy in case of prostate cancer

Prostate treatment center in Berlin

The main aspects of prostate treatment center Berlin-Mitte are diagnostic and treatment of prostate cancer. The range of services in this area includes:

  • Diagnostic: determination of PSA and its coefficient, uroflowmetry and measurement of urine residue by sonographic studies, cystomanometry, transrectal ultrasound, prostate trepanobiopsy by sonography, histologic and immunohistologic study of tissue samples, bone scintigraphy, MRI, CT, PET-CT
  • Therapy (in case of prostate cancer): surgery (removal of prostate, but preserving nerves and potency, radical prostatectomy with or without regional lymph nodes removal, laparoscopic removal of lymph nodes – before radiation therapy, transurethral resection of prostate); radiotherapy (external and internal irradiation, radiation therapy with modulated intensity); brachytherapy (permanent implantation of radioactive seeds, internal short-term irradiation); at advanced stages (chemotherapy, antihormonal therapy, pain-relieving therapy)
  • Follow-up study
  • Treatment in case of incontinence, when radical surgical removal of prostate (radical prostatectomy) takes place, implantation of an artificial sphincter
  • Treatment (benign prostate enlargement): transurethral resection of prostate, transurethral incision of prostate, open surgical removal of prostate.

We will be glad to give you all the necessary information about prostate treatment in Germany and to organize your medical trip.

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