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Prostate Laser Surgery

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Prostate treatment with the use of GreenLight laser is effective for fighting benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) with minimal traumatization of healthy tissues. Photoselective vaporization provides instant relief of the disease symptoms, improves urine outflow significantly, as opposite to the standard transurethral prostatic resection (TURP). This type of laser prostate surgery requires less time and provides quicker recovery. There are minimal side effects. Compared to other minimally invasive methods, this technology doesn’t require catheter installation during recovery period. A special light source that emits green laser impulses is used for the photoselective gland cell vaporization. As a rule this prostate laser surgery in Germany is made in the outpatient settings, surgical centers or polyclinics.

The cost of such treatment in Germany starts from 6 000 Euro.

GreenLight laser acts on the growing prostate tissues by vaporizing the targeted cells. The laser impulses for the surgery are generated by a special fiber-optic lightguide inserted into an ordinary cystoscope. The impulses of green laser are directed on hyperplastic prostate tissues.

GreenLight laser removes prostatic obstruction quickly and precisely, removing the hyperplastic prostate tissue almost unbloodily. The average duration of such surgery is less than 60 minutes.

Photoselective vaporization by a green laser (PVP) in Germany: major advantages:

  • BPH is diagnosed in 40% men above 50 and 90% men above 80.
  • Patients usually get back to work that doesn’t require serious physical efforts in 2-3 days after PVP treatment.
  • Patients return to their physical activities in 4-6 weeks.
  • Complications after PVP surgery are met rarely, and usually they are not serious.
  • 30% patients who underwent PVP treatment don’t need catheter installation after surgery.
  • PVP doesn’t lead to impotence development.
  • PVP lowers the frequency of retrograde ejaculation development in patients.
  • The need in repeated PVP surgery usually occurs in 5 years and more. It is much rarer compared to other treatment methods.
  • GreenLight therapy PVP is an outpatient operation that is a great alternative for traditional methods of surgery BPH therapy.
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