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Prostate Cancer Symptoms

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To be a man means to have prostate. To have healthy prostate means to be a healthy man. It is not a spelling but just laud consideration on a base of men’s wellbeing. Importance of the gland supporting male sexual function is difficult to underestimate but with age the risks of having prostate cancer increases significantly. Prostate cancer is the most common malignant disease in men and its timely diagnosing provides better chances for successful treatment. Knowing what the symptoms of prostate cancer are contributes a lot to it revealing.

Very often the first stage of prostate cancer is asymptomatic. You should be very mindful to what happens in your body to find out some early signs of starting disease. It is widely known that men diagnosed with prostate disorder, both malignant and benign, have difficulties when urinating. It is logically as prostate is close to the urogenital system but not true in all cases. Sometimes tumor is located rather far from urethra to create a pressure on it and a man could live without knowing before it has grown bigger.

Together with above mentioned one, the signs of starting prostate cancer are:

  • Pain and difficulties with urination
  • Loss of bladder control
  • Urinating more frequently but by small portions
  • Blood in urine
  • Pain when ejaculating
  • Sexual dysfunction

If you have any of above physical symptom, it does not mean they are necessarily caused by cancer but, in any case, you should see an urologist shortly for examination. To reveal asymptomatic developing of disease it is reasonable to do periodically test for prostate cancer markers. German oncologists recommend monitoring prostate cancer on regular base after 50 years old, especially, if you have genetic predisposition that is mean someone of your close male relatives had the condition.

When prostate tumor has enlarged, together with increasing of the above symptoms the other physical signs of disease can appear.

Bone pain. In advanced stage prostate cancer spread metastases to the bones and a patient experience severe pain throughout the body especially in the pelvic area and backbone. The bones become to be easily fractured.

Anemia. When metastatic cancel affects the spinal cord, it can cause anemia as result of bone marrow lesion. The patient has weakness and easily grows tied.

Lymph nodes swelling. This condition have the same reason as previous: affected bone marrow causes disorder of the blood and lymphatic system.

Weight loss. In advanced stages the patients loose appetite and fill themselves unable to eat. That is a result of body intoxication.

Some of those symptoms and signs can be related with other diseases, so you need highly qualified medical help to determine the reason of your problems. Diagnostic and rehabilitation centers in Germany offer various kinds if diagnostics means for precise diagnosing.

When it is difficult to detect prostate cancer by signs and symptoms only it any suspicion it is better to do clinical diagnostics. There are some specific tests associated with prostate cancer:

PSA (prostate-specific agents) blood test. The level of the agents shows the risk of having malignant disease of prostate.

  1. Level 1-3 – low risk (but still is)
  2. Level 4-10 – medium risk (about 25%)
  3. More than 10 – high risk (more than 50%)

TRUS (transrectal ultrasound). TURS is examination the prostate trough the rectum, when a probe is inserted to the anus to record the ultrasound echo and examine the area. It is a simple but effective procedure lasting for about 10 minutes.

Prostate Biopsy. When there are some indications that you probably have cancer of prostate gland biopsy is one of the most accurate methods to determine if you have malignant lesion or not. For that purpose small pieces of gland tissue from its different parts are taken by needle for examination. This procedure is done by urologist of cancer surgeon and takes about 10 minutes for gathering the samples and a few days for a laboratory test.

Though cancer of prostate is the most common kind of malignant diseases in men, it is also has one of the highest rate of successful curing. The result of treatment depends of timely diagnosis and immediate measures taken. Treating prostate cancer is also very delicate task and it is very important to find a doctor who could feel all the nuances of your disease. The modern methods of treatment often allow not only get rid of death but to keep male sexual function. For details you can ask a qualified specialist in field of urology and prostate cancer. Please have an advice of expert and apply via GMG.

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