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Prostate Adenoma Treatment

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Prostate Adenoma

Prostate adenoma treatment in German clinics is carried out with the application of the unique and sparing surgery techniques. Our company German Medical Group will help find you the best German clinic for adenoma treatment.

Prostate gland enlargement, also called benign hypertrophy of prostate gland, found in 50-60% of men at the age of 50 and older. Prostate specific hormone hyperactivity invokes the pathology of prostate tissue, which is considered to be the cause of prostate adenoma. Annualy about 25 000 adenoma surgeries are carried out in Germany, a number speaking better then words.

At first, to diagnose benign gland enlargement, it is usually needed to define patient’s individual symptoms with the help of a specially developed anamnesis form. It is highly important to point at all previous diseases (surgeries, diabetes, neurological diseases, accidents and injuries, disk prolapse). Only when the doctor is aware of all the features of your disease history, can he figure out the prognosis or offer treatment.

The next step is usually rectal test, performed digitally, aimed at finding out the main characteristics (size, form) of gland, as well as diagnosing any inflammations (painful sensation when pressuring) and potential prostate carcinoma signs(indurations in the gland). Alongside with lab tests (PSA, bacteria presence, blood admixtures, cancer cells), it is also possible to carry out uroflow-metry ; it’s a technique for urine stream measuring, which helps to determine urination flow rate. Other ways of diagnostic examination, preceding adenoma treatment:

  • estimation of volume flow of urine;
  • detection of potential tumor risks;
  • detection of concrements;
  • detection of other disorders
  • ultrasound
  • urography;
  • urethrocystoscopic research, minimal invasive methods
  • cytoscopic research

Treatment methods in Germany are indicated according to symptoms and concomitant disorder signs. Therapy of adenoma , includes conservative methods (above all, phytotherapeutic drugs). In case the symptoms have not diminished, it is advisable to use medicines, which are aimed at down-regulation of hormone generation, etc.

Surgical treatment of benign adenoma hyperplasia (in Germany can be performed by means of different surgical operations. Among them is prostate extraction via urethra or open surgeries.

Doctors of German clinics have different surgical techniques at their disposal, which allow conducting transurethral surgical operations. Open surgery is recommended in case of large tumors or various complications. Among the most common operations are: TUR-operation, vaporization of enlarged prostate tissues, the scope of laser methods (above all: Green laser), open surgery, daVinci method (in those cases when there is cancer risk).

There are new methods being investigated and implemented in Germany. One of the is water stream therapy (WIT), an experimental method which helps to destroy adenoma tissue with the use of water-air-filled balloon. This procedure minimizes the risk of damage of healthy prostate tissue.
To secure our patients’ safety and health we use only reliable and established methods and help to find best clinical centers.

Our experts will be glad to give you all the necessary information about further treatment of adenoma in Germany. Contact us anytime and ask the questions about your problem! We are committed to our aim: make you feel secure in Germany and regain health as quickly as possible. Treatment in Germany guarantees recovery without relapse.

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