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Da Vinci surgery

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Da Vinci surgery

Da Vinci surgical system is a robot surgeon of the new generation applied for complex operative interventions in Germany. This surgical system was named after Leonardo Da Vinci, a famous inventor.

First time a modern Da Vinci robot was applied in 1998. Today this surgical system is used for performing surgeries in Germany and all over the world. Currently there are more than 52 000 surgeries in prostate cancer performed by Da Vinci method. The first surgery assisted by Da Vinci robot lasted 420 minutes. Nowadays such surgeries in Germany take only 120-180 minutes thanks to the technological improvements and many years of practice.

Thanks to the development of “Da Vinci robot surgeon” a new category of surgeries appeared in medical practice. It is called robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery. Da Vinci robot allows performing small skin incisions with minimal traumatic effect on the surrounding tissues. It provides a 3-D image of the surgical area and arrange maximally precise moves of surgical instruments.

Da Vinci surgery is considered by doctors in Germany as a perfect one for serious urologic reconstructive surgeries, such as radical prostatectomy. Da Vinci technology helps to spare prostate nerve terminals and preserve continence and sexual function.

Da Vinci robot in Germany: field of use

  • radical prostatectomy (total prostate removal in case of malignant tumor),
  • kidney tumor resection,
  • kidney pelvis plastic surgery,
  • Cystectomy.

Da Vinci surgical system

The system consists of a surgical console and robotized assistant for surgeries.

The console of the Da Vinci system:

  • The urologist’s computer work field
  • Managing surgery instruments using two special handles, precise replication of human hand moves.
  • Optical 3-D- system provides 10x detailed zooming of the surgical field.

An operating assistant:

  • Urologic assistant’s working place from the patient’s side
  • Managing camera and instruments during a surgery

Prostatectomy by Da Vinci method is used in Germany for removing prostate in case of carcinoma.

This surgery method is successfully practiced in Germany. It provides optical 3D-image of the surgical field and much simpler coordination of structures. Instruments provide maximal freedom for surgical actions. Ability to replicate human hand’s moves in 1:3 or 1:5 proportion is a highly important advantage of Da Vinci surgery.

Before a robot-assisted prostatectomy an abdominal cavity is carefully examined for spikes that can be a contradiction for the surgery. The frontal perineal coat is separated from the abdominal wall providing the full access to the small pelvis. Then, a surgeon carefully resects lymph glands in small pelvis area.

After this the prostate is separated from the surrounding connective tissue, muscle fibers and blood vessels. Using a special catheter a surgeon defines the junction between the prostatic gland and the bladder. The next step is separating the seminal vesicles and spermoducts located behind the bladder. Complete prostate removal requires renal ducts separation. After the surgery all resected materials are sent for histological examination to the laboratory.

The robot provides to patients:

  • Minimal hospital stay period
  • Quick rehabilitation after a surgery
  • Minimal painfulness
  • Low risk of infection
  • Minimal blood loss, low need in blood transfusion
  • Small scars
  • Quick continence restoration
  • Better capabilities of prostate nerves restoration
  • Big chances of potency preservation with the aim of Da Vinci robot system

Da Vinci robot offers surgeons:

  • Lower fatigability
  • Comfortable position
  • Optimal visibility of pelvic organs
  • Optical 3D-image
  • 10x zooming
  • Freedom of manipulations during a surgery
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