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Da Vinci prostatectomy

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Da Vinci

8 biggest German clinics offer Da Vinci prostatectomy treatment (among them the Clinical Center of Friedrichshafen, Berlin Charité Clinic, Heidelberg University clinic and the others)

Nowadays prostate cancer removal (radical prostatectomy) is the most efficient method of treatment for this type of cancer. Prostatectomy possesses an advantage over radiation therapy: during da Vinci prostatectomy the doctor can detect the areas of prostate affected by cancer with maximum precision; moreover, da Vinci prostatectomy does not damage healthy cells. The prostate removal can be conducted either as a traditional surgical operation or as da Vinci prostatectomy.

Traditional surgical operation (cutting into the abdomen or perineal cavity and removing the prostate with a scalpel) can result in serious consequences like urinary incontinence and impotence, because there exists a risk of damaging the nerve tracts responsible for erection (on each side of the prostate) and muscles responsible for continence during the prostate removal procedure.

Unlike other methods of prostate cancer treatment, da Vinci prostatectomy is a laporoscopic surgery (done without cutting into the abdomen or perineal cavity). It is conducted by a surgical robot under the guidance of a human surgeon. The da Vinci robot can enhance the precision of da Vinci prostatectomy and, as a result, reduce the risk of complications for the patient. The cost of surgery: from 20 000 EUR.

The main advantages of da Vinci prostatectomy over traditional surgical operation:

  • Bigger chance of preserving potency after prostatectomy;
  • Bigger chance for urinary continence function to be fully restored;
  • Minimal painful sensations after da Vinci prostatectomy and restoration of usual everyday activity during 24 hours after the procedure;
  • Minimal blood loss and reducing the need of blood transfusion after da Vinci prostatectomy;
  • pinpoint accuracy of da Vinci prostatectomy, little scars over laporoscopic pinholes instead of visible stitches (prostatectomy);
  • quick rehabilitation, short clinic stay (patients usually discharged in 5-7 days);
  • reasonable price of da Vinci prostatectomy (from 18 700 EUR in Friedrichshafen Clinic Centre).
  • Faster recovery after prostatectomy

Precise instruments (as opposed to scalpel) reaching only several centimeters in size are used to conduct robotic prostatectomy. Five small incisions of less than 1 cm are made in the lower part of the stomach to get to the prostate. Three da Vinci prostatectomy instruments and two tubes with tiny video cameras are inserted into the incisions. These video cameras show 3D image with 15-20X zoom, which increases precision in movement and decreases the risk of postoperative complications. Besides, da Vinci prostatectomy instruments can make a multidirectional 90-degree bend, thus being as flexible as a human hand. Robotic hands copy the doctor’s movement with perfect precision and thoroughness.

Urology department of Friedrichshafen Clinic Centre offers a wide range of modern robot-assisted surgeries. More than 1500 qualified doctors and mid-level medical staff work in the clinic. In addition to in-patient and ambulatory treament, the clinic also does active university-based research in Tübingen University Clinic. This collaboration results in high scientific and technological level of treatment. New methods and types of treatment are constantly introduced. For example, in 2011 Friedrichshafen Clinic received a patent for using special robotics technology and, as a result, joined four major certified da Vinci centres in Germany. Each year about 1000 da Vinci surgeries are conducted in the urology department.
We can provide you with all the necessary information on da Vinci surgeries and help to make an appointment for initial consultation.

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