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Andrology (from Ancient Greek andros – “man” and logos – “science”) is the medical specialty that deals with male health, particularly relating to the male reproductive system.

Andrology focuses on male infertility, sexual disorders, gender identity issues, sex affirmation surgery, cosmetic and reconstructive genital surgery, reconstructive urethra surgery, oncoandrology, male menopause, late onset hypogonadism, andrological infections and STDs, prostatopathy and pediatric andrology.

Andrology and urology Center of University Clinic Heidelberg

Dr. scient. med. Markus Hohenfellner
Dr. scient. med.
Markus Hohenfellner

The University Clinic Heidelberg has a long tradition and extensive experience, which successfully combines it with modern medical innovations. Today its andrological and urological center is one of the leading international centers in this area. The staff consists of distinguished experts, whose main fields of expertise include urology, oncology, reconstructive surgery, pediatric urology, functional disorders of lower parts of the excretory tract and urination difficulties. About 16.000 patients are treated every year at Heidelberg’s andrology center.

Professor, MD Hohenfellner, Head of urological department (since 2003), urologist of international importance, honoured by American Urological Association, German Society of Urology, European Society of Urology etc.

Andrology and urology center UROLOGICUM MÜNCHEN Munich, Germany

MD Friedemann Meisse
MD Friedemann Meisse

The urological and andrological clinic UROLOGICUM MÜNCHEN is a specialized center in the field of urology and andrology, established in 01.01.2007. The andrology center offers a full range of diagnostic and surgery intervention services in the areas of urogenital system diseases. MD Friedemann Meisse is a traditional and interventional surgery specialist whose main field of interest lies in andrology and brachytherapy. MD Friedemann Meisse had been Head of the urological and andrological Ludwig Maximilian University’s clinic in Munich for years.

Specialization: andrology, urology; ultrasonic, roentgen and urological endoscopic diagnoses.

  • improving of reproductive health
  • diagnosis and combination treatment of male sexual disorders
  • diagnosis and combination treatment of male infertility
  • diagnosis and combination treatments of prostate diseases, urethra and genitals:
    • chronic prostatitis
    • chronic pelvic pain syndrome
    • benign prostate hyperplasia
    • STD
    • medical examination before fertilization
  • surgical correction of congenital and acquired genital anomalies like deformations and hypoplasia
  • penile and urethral reconstruction
  • correction of obstructive urethral stricture, hypospadia, epispadias and urethral stricture treatment
  • Peyronie's disease conservative and surgical treatment
  • hormonal and surgical gender reassignement methods
  • diagnosis and treatment of late boys sexual and physical development
  • diagnosis and treatment of congenital genital development disorders
  • correction of male age-related disorders:
    • treatment of androgen deficiency in the aging male and sexual disorders
    • correction of adipositas, , loss of bones and gynecomastia
  • diagnosis and treatment of acraturesis and involuntary urination (women and men)
  • inflammatory conditions of male and female urogenital system (cystitis, pyelonephritis)

Andrology center’s conservative uroandrology is an urology department focused on non-surgical treatment of male-specific diseases. These are e.g.:

  • inflammatory urogenital system diseases - pyelonephritis, cystitis, prostatitis, urethritis (including STDs), orchitis, epididymitis, balanoposthitis.
  • noninflammatory urogenital system diseases – benign prostate hyperpasia (adenoma), chronic pelvic pain syndrome, disorder of micturition of different nature.
  • Sexual disorders (disorders of libido, ejaculation, orgasm, erectile dysfunction) and reproductive health disorders (male infertility).
  • Other male-specific diseases as asthenia (pathological defatigation), age-related androgen deficiency, low quality of life in men of all-age etc.

Genital surgery is a separate medical direction of modern plastic and reconstructive surgery and urology in Germany to provide different surgeries on genitals. In the main field of genital surgery are operations on penis, testicles, scrotum and urethra. The most actual and dynamically developing direction is the surgery on penis and urethra.

Erectile dysfunction is the loss of erection characterized by the inability to develop an erection during sexual activity. Such sexual disorders like decreased libido, premature ejaculation or orgastic dysfunction occur often, but they aren’t indicated as erectile dysfunction. More than 50% of men over 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction. In the whole world, there are over 150 millions of men including 20 millions

Europeans and 30 million Americans, who face this disease. One in ten men over 21 years suffers from erectile dysfunction. Full impotence occurs in 5% of men aged in their 40s and in 15% of men aged in their 70s. 35% of men, suffering from erectile dysfunction have severe sexual disorders. If you faced one of these health problems, don‘t tolerate it. Now you have a real chance for efficient treatment in the andrology center.

Involuntary urination can cause perineum skin irritation, urinary tract infections and emotional discomfort. Therefore we recommend anyone, who suffers from it to get examined and undergo a treatment in an andrology center, because urinary incontinence can be a reason for other internal diseases.

  • Endoscopic and laser surgeries of prostate adenoma
  • Treatment of urethral disorders (stricture, hypospadia)
  • Plastic and reconstructive penile surgeries
  • Comprehensive prostate diseases treatments
  • Treatment of erectile dysfunction and sexual disorders
  • Comprehensive treatments of Peyronie’s disease
  • Age-related male hypogonadism treatments
  • Gender reassignment surgeries
  • Treatment of kidney cysts, cancer and hydronephrosis
  • Treatment of genitourinary diseases
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