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Pacemaker Implantation

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Pacemaker implantation
Pacemaker implantation

German Medical Group will help find you the best heart clinic in Germany. It is known that constant cardiac rhythm disturbances are of great danger to our lives. If a patient has serious problems with contractile cardiac muscle function manifesting in stable arrhythmia, pronounced bradycardia or ciliary arrhythmia, the only way to escape the danger is pacemaker (electric cardiostimulator) implantation.

Thanks to the progress in modern medicine in Germany things are different now. A pacemaker is fixed inside the body, it has smaller size and weight compared to its prototypes, and it operates on lithium batteries which last from 6 to 14 years and are remotely programmed. A new generation of pacemakers helps to effectively resynchronize cardiac beats due to electrodes which are connected both to right and left ventricles of heart. The impulse first stimulates the left and then the right ventricle, as it normally happens in a healthy heart. Nowadays many patients in need of electric cardiostimulation come to Germany, worldwide leader in cardiosurgery, for pacemaker implantation.

Local anesthesia is used while pacemaker is being inserted. The pacemaker surgery in Germany usually takes about 20-30 minutes, although previously it took up to a few hours. The device is inserted either under the skin or pectoral muscle so that the patient wouldn’t even feel it. Cardiological clinics of Germany use only high-technology pacemakers which can be reprogrammed, if necessary, without surgical procedure. Functions of the pacemaker are checked externally, through the skin.

Pacemaker insertion is performed in an in-patient clinic. The indications for pacemaker implantation are:

  • Bradycardia (bradyarrhythmia) of any type which is life- and health-threatening (with less than 60 heartbeats per minute). If bradycardia is accompanied with Morgagni-Adams-Stokes disease (MAC) (loss of consciousness, dizziness, dimness), it is also an indication for permanent pacemaker implantation.
  • Atrioventricular heart block as an indication for pacemaker. In case of absolute indications, particularly bradyarrhythmia complicated by MAC, there are no contraindications for pacemaker insertion.

A pacemaker skin incision parallel to the collar bone is made under local anesthesia. According to Seldinger’s technique the surgeon inserts pacemaker electrodes into different sections of the cardiac muscle by means of subclavian vein puncture under X-ray guidance. After required electrodes are connected to the cardiac muscle, their free segments are attached to the pacemaker. Next, the pacemaker is implanted into a preliminary formed bed in the area of pectoral muscle. Right after the insertion, the pacemaker transmits impulses for cardiac muscle contraction in the required rhythm. When the threshold is reached and the heart starts beating on its own, it turns off and vice versa, if there is no rhythm (no signal from the patient’s heart) it turns on again.

Cost of pacemaker implantation in Germany makes up about: 10.000-15.000 EUR. The revision of the pacemaker: about 5.000EUR.

In certain cases the pacemaker is required to operate permanently, for example, if the patient’s heart rhythm is slow or if there is no heartbeat in complete block. In both cases the doctor sets the required impulse rate and mode of operation during the implantation process, ensuring individual mode of impulse passing to the heart.

In summary, pacemaker implantation is quite serious surgical procedure requiring additional adjustment during the surgery. In German clinics implantation procedure is performed at the highest level of technology. Successfully performed pacemaker implantation (99.9% of cases) considerably improves life quality of patients who chose treatment in Germany.

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