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Open-heart Surgery in Germany

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The heart is literally a life center. In human body it carries out the most important function of supplying all the organs and tissues with blood enriched with oxygen and nutrients. But the heart is a muscle penetrated with vessel and in average life cycle it pumps over 5.7 million liters of blood, so earlier or later it starts getting tired. There are plenty of diverse heart disorders of different degrees in modern diagnostics, and some of them could require of operational approach. Among the surgical interventions, open heart surgery is still the most applicable in many cases.

Heart surgery helps to cure many diseases of the cardiovascular system, that are not amenable to standard therapeutic procedures, as:

  • congenital or acquired heart disease
  • coronary heart disease
  • irregular heartbeat causing ventricular fibrillation
  • traumatic issues.

The cardiology centers in Germany are aimed to reduce human mortality of heart malformations.

Due to the modern technical means supporting cardiac surgeon’s skills, nowadays it is possible to cure the diseases considered as mortal in the past. When the first intracardiac open heart surgery was performed in 1952, it seemed as nearly the miracle, but now these kinds of operations have become quite routine and a number of clinics offers the services on restoration of heart function using invasive techniques.

The most common cardiovascular surgery is Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG), which performed through the long incision in the breast with open view of the heart. This procedure is normally done to replace narrowed heart arteries with alternative way of blood supply and it lasts for 3-4 hours. The heart is stopped during operation and replaced with cardiopulmonary bypass.

But CABG is just a one of various operations aimed to restore a normal functioning of the heart muscle, valves and great vessels. Defective valve replacement, aortic pathologies correction, and even transplantation of a donor heart are offered in the medical centers of Germany, where the proficiency of physicians allows to carry out the most difficult treatments returning the health to patients who almost left all the hopes for normal life. The complex diagnostics equipment, comprehensive method and high professional surgeons together with typically German quality approach gives to every patient good chances not significant improvement.

Recovery from open heart surgery is a long process that requires a special attention of professional medical staff. The modern and well maintained medical centers in German clinics have all the necessary facilities to shorten rehabilitation and make it more effective. After intensive care a patient remains in hospital under constant thorough observation till complete recovery. In a first stage, it is very important to get rid of inflammations and side effects, as in this case we deal with a big wound, which could affect with different complications. The doctors examine reactions and changes in the state of patient and take timely measures if something goes wrong. The part of postoperative care is a pain relief, but, actually, that pain is not that strong as it was before surgery.

But rehabilitation does not finish in a hospital for in-patients; it lasts long after with periodical checkup and supporting procedures. It is necessary to develop a program of step-by-step returning to everyday activities during postoperative period. It starts from minimal load to the body and follows by gradual increasing of regular exercising till a point of normal functioning.

The classical operations always were performed, when the heart of a patient is open and stopped beating. But, currently, it became possible to carry out complex interventions on the beating heart without involving heart-lung apparatus. It is reached my means of minimally invasive open heart surgery, which significantly reduces the risks related to the use of heart-lung machine and possible inflammations after the surgery. In this case, a number of small incisions in a chest are made instead of big one and operation is made using robotized technology under the accurate control of the cardiac surgeon.

If you are interested in treatment of the heart disease with operative methods and need further assistance, please contact one of German medical centers below for consultation. Competent advice of the doctor is a first step to strong health without pain and discomfort. The diagnostic equipment and high professionalism of specialist give you a guarantee of precise diagnosis, and timely carried surgery could save you from many risks and complications which could develop if neglected. Your health is our job and we can do it with our open heart and caring hands.

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