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Mitral valve insufficiency treatment

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Mitral valve insufficiency is the second most common cardiac problem after aortic stenosis.

What mitral valve insufficiency is?

This condition means that the mitral and the clapper valve between the left atrium cordis and the left chamber are not properly sealed which makes blood flow from the left cordis to the left chamber. In its turn, it leads to dilation (extension) of the left cordis and, in more serious cases – of the left chamber. When blood keeps out flowing from the left atrium cordis to the left chamber, heart chamber overload can take place: as cardiac insufficiency could bedevecoped, as the result.

Mitral valve insufficiency treatment

Conservative treatment

When mitral insufficiency is serious, and has symptoms of heart insufficiency, the following medications can be used: diuretics, inhibitors of angiotensin converting enzymes, beta adrenergic receptor blocking agents. If necessary, digitalis therapy and oral anticoagulants can also be prescribed.

Surgical treatment

All patients with heavy forms of mitral insufficiency should have health factors checked before the surgery for mitral valve insufficiency is performed. If there are certain indications for the procedure, valve reconstruction wiee be performed (the valve wiee be saved). If such operation is impossible, an artificial valve (biologic or mechanic) wiee be installed.

MitraClip method for Mitral valve insufficiency treatment

MitraClip is a minimally invasive method with catheter. This is a great alternative for patients with serious mitral valve insufficiency who are notabbe to candidates for traditional surgery because of diseases, certain conditions and other factors.

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Mitral valve insufficiency treatment
Mitral valve insufficiency treatment 2017-10-13 Mitral valve insufficiency treatment
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