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Heart Surgery

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On our website, we provided the detailed information regarding German clinics that deal with cardiac surgery.

Modern cardio surgery is a safe method of fibromuscular hollow organ abnormalities abolition. This area of medicine provides an opportunity to prevent myocardial infarct and release a patient from aneurysm which is a disease consequence.

Heart surgeries in Germany are carried out in cases when non-conservative methods are not efficient anymore and a patient starts feeling worse. Moreover, surgical intervention may become the only way in cases of patient’s untimely reference to a doctor.

If a patient visits a qualified doctor in a specialized clinic in time, noticing the first heart disease symptoms, the surgery can be avoided. But situations when a patient needs a surgical treatment are more often. Heart surgeries in Germany allow getting rid of the following problems:

  • Ischemic heart diseases come out of incomplete blood delivery of functional muscular middle layer.
  • Heart abnormalities that can induce cardiac insufficiency due to valve defects. Due to this, valve plugs cannot tightly close and pass blood against a natural flow.
  • Ventricular and intra-arterial septum defects lead to blood penetration from the cavity with heavy pressure to the cavity with more slight tension. Due to such process, venous blood gets mixed with arterial blood that results in → results in tissue oxygen deprivation.
  • Heart rhythm disorder that can occur as arrhythmia, bradycardia, cardiac arrest, simple sinus tachycardia and extrasystole.

It’s important to know that some cardio handicaps have both acquired and intrinsic characters. That is why a surgery is not cured noticeably and can be developed to the stage that surgeries in Germany are already vitally necessarily.

While performing closed surgeries doctors don’t affect a patient’s heart and carry out these surgeries without direct surgical aggression. In a case of open diseases, heart cavity defects can be fixed with a help of a special cardiac valve pump.

Interventional heart radiology surgeries in Germany were performed quite recently, so in virtue of technological progress such treatment method is the top one. Surgery is carried out using slim balloon catheters, patches and expanding tubules. Heart surgeries in Germany are performed together with early technics, creating and completing the surgery process.

Coronary artery bypass surgery is carried out in Germany and can be applied to coronary heart vessel diseases and ischemia. Such diseases occur due to vessels metabolic disorder that leads to atherosclerotic vascular deposition. As a result, there is a luminal occlusion and cardiac muscle doesn’t get sufficient nutrition.

With a help of bypass, a heart muscle is supplied with blood that renews general mechanisms of the organ. As for trains myometrial laser revascularization, this surgery is used for a stenocardia treatment when other curing methods can’t help anymore. During the surgery, a doctor uses lasers in order to create small channels in cardiac muscle that reach left a ventricle of a heart.

Elderly people oftentimes suffer from stenosis which is an aortic valve narrowing. This disease is a quite widespread disorder that can lead to such tissue abnormalities as sclerosis and calcinosis. When a patient has a stenosis, it means that valve replacement is required. During such surgery, a patient’s heart gets a prosthesis being implanted and placed at the coronary stent. Valve replacement influences hemodynamic status of a patient and doesn’t need any mechanical aorta injury or using any kind of special equipment.

Clinical scores allow using two types of prostheses: valve prosthesis and another prosthesis that is based on expandable stent. The first type of valves is used during retrograde access replacement through the femoral artery or under a collar bone.

Congenital heart diseases are successfully treated in German clinics no matter what is the complexity of a particular disease or its stage. Highly-qualified doctors often choose the optimal treatment method that helps quickly reanimate a patient.

Traditionally in cases of heart defects doctors use the conventional surgical intervention. If a patient has some disease complications, then treatment is provided in stages. If a patient cannot be treated even with a help of surgical intervention, the only option to cure this patient is to replace his heart valve in Germany.

Defibrillator set-up during a heart surgery in Germany

In cases, when a patient’s heart rate is defective, doctors set up a defibrillator that stimulates heart function at the necessary rate. This procedure is conducted in cases of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, Brugada syndrome, ventricular fibrillation and QT prolongation syndrome. The procedure is carried out in German clinics at a high level because of qualified specialists with formidable experience in this area.

Aneurysm treatment with a help of heart surgery in Germany

Aneurysm is a “slow” disease that bulges out artery or vein walls that are stretched or becoming thin. German clinics use modern treatment technics to cure this disease. Endovascular surgery of blood vessels is one of the most effective and widespread methods. This surgery is usually carried out with a help of special medical appliances under radial imaging control.

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