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Heart Surgery Cost

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The clinics of Germany offer the full range of services for the treatment of pathologies of the heart and the cardiovascular system. Below we provide information on the most common methods of heart surgery in Germany and the cost for these services.

Here below you can find some additional information about the treatment methods and average cost.

Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) is a type of heart surgery which results in the creation of new ways for the blood flow bypassing the completely or partially occluded part of the blood vessels of the heart. In other words, new coronary arteries are made. At CABG the veins of the lower extremities or the arteries, supplying blood to the chest wall, are used. The usage of the arteries, supplying blood to the chest wall, is more physiological at CABG because the arterial shunts in their patoanatomic structure are closer to one’s own coronary vessels.

At present, the method of minimally invasive cardiac surgery is very developed when performing coronary artery bypass grafting. In this case heart surgery is conducted through a small incision without a cardiopulmonary bypass apparatus. This type of heart surgery is better tolerated by patients, not to mention the cosmetic effect. Endoscopic cardiac surgery is gaining more popularity now.

The cost of coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG) is about 25.000 euro. After CABG a three-week course of rehabilitation is recommended, whose cost is from 5000 euro.

Below we give the table, which shows only approximate rates for heart surgery in Germany.

Heart Surgery in Germany Average price (cost) in euro
installation of aortocoronary venous shunts from 34 300
cardiac surgery and reconstruction of the valve at congenital heart disease from 30 000
aneurysm of the wall, septal defect, cardiac surgery without reconstruction of the valves about 35 000
Congenital valve defect, an operation with a heart-lung apparatus, attendance in the surgical intensive care unit, removal of stitches, till passing to the rehabilitation unit about 32 500
correction of the valve about 33 500
correction of two valves about 40 500
episodic therapy, correction of the valve about 40 000
Maintenance and change of an implanted defibrillator about 44 000
Cardiac catheter examination with coronaroangiography about 44 000
without dilation about 1 500
with dilation about 5 500
The usage of the extracorporal one-ventricular support pump system for blood circulation with a pneumatic or electromagnetic drive about 30 000
The usage of the extracorporal bi-ventricular support pump system for blood circulation with a pneumatic or electromagnetic drive about 42 500
The change of the extracorporal univentricular support pump system for blood circulation with a pneumatic or electromagnetic drive about 13 500
The change of the extracorporal univentricular support pump system for blood circulation with a pneumatic or electromagnetic drive about 20 000

Nowadays, in Russia there are no analogues for this relatively new examination of the heart in Europe. Thanks to this unique method it is possible by means of local irritation of the bundles of the cardiac conducting system by electric current to find out and eliminate the dangerous heart rhythm disorders (atrial fibrillation, extrasystole), which are the most common cause of death.

This method of examination is recommended to the patients, who have sudden losses of consciousness. Besides, atrial fibrillation and WPW syndrome are treated effectively in this way.

The cost of this examination is about 9000 euro in Germany.

The procedure of electrocardiography registers cardiac electrical activity. With its help it is possible to see the violations of the heart rates. The examination is conducted both during exercise (running, walking, biking – a loading test) and at rest.

Echocardiography, when the heart is examined by ultrasound, provides more accurate functional and anatomical information.

Coronary angiography is performed in the angiography laboratory. The examination is a roentgenological method, at which the severity of the injury, risks, and the location of the critical stenoses are estimated and a therapeutic approach is determined.

Intravascular ultrasound study is an invasive examination of the artery by means of a catheter equipped with an ultrasonic sensor. The intravascular ultrasound method gives maximally accurate information about the internal state of the artery.

Coronary angiography is a radiopaque research method, which is the most accurate and reliable way of the diagnosis of CHD (coronary heart disease), allowing to determine precisely the location, nature, and the degree of narrowing of the coronary artery. In the diagnosis of CHD this method has become the “gold standard”, it enables to solve the question of the type and amount of further therapeutic procedures such as bypass surgery and balloon angioplasty.

In Germany, the complex examination of the heart, including coronary and electrocardiography, costs from 6.500 euro. In comparison with other foreign clinics the same examination of the heart will cost:

  • In Austria the cost is from 8500 to 18000 euro;
  • In France the cost is 7000-14000 euro;
  • In Israel the cost is 5000-15000 euro;
  • In the USA the cost is 7000-22500 euro;
  • In Switzerland the cost for the full range of the services is about 27000 euro.

If you have any questions in regard to heart surgery and the upcoming treatment of the heart in Germany, our company will provide you with a detailed consultation, concerning the organization of the treatment and transfer, and the cost of the heart surgery.

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